SS501 In Their Elements


Hmm...what do you think, does this element suit Kim Hyun Joong ? Lets see what the members say about their leader....

Kim Hyung Joon /HJB/Baby :
“Hyun Joong has glitter eyes and a manly semblance.”

Heo Young Saeng :
"His positive personality is that he is straight to the point and has great determination, if he wants something he will go after it in a 'straight line pattern' . His negative personality is the same as his positive one. Because of his determination, he will not rest until he gets it, he forgoes rest, and that effects his body. He gets sick, which is not good."

[ Now I do agree with this element for KHJ, cos you need fire/determination to succeed...but don't burn yourself out...Ok, what will you do if he looks at you with those 'Fiery Eyes' of his ???....*swoon* ]


This is Young Saeng's element, I wonder if the members chose these elements for themselves. Lets see what the others say ....

Kim Kyu Jong : “Young Saeng sings well"

Park Jung Min :
"Young Saeng's positive side is that he looks like an idol or a prince and he is very passionate. His negative side is because he is passionate, if something goes wrong he is very dissapointed and gets very depressed."

[Hmm agree on this too...from what I hear from interviews, his answers are always down to earth and realistic...and imo...often seem answers that should come out the mouth of someone much older! I wonder if that's why the other members call him Prof. Young Saeng? he he..]


Oh, this is Baby's element, let see what the others think about him...

Park Jung Min :
“Hyung Joon is really cute and winning. He also looks like a doll, so he will get a lot of attention from Japanese fans.”

Kim Hyun Joong /KHJ/HJL/Leader :
"Hyung Joon's positive personality is that he has a strong desire, his negative personality is that he is very impatient."

[Oh, I agree on water...he is very sensitive and used to cry often...well, maybe NOW not that much any more.. since he has become an adult...he does move gracefully like water..I'll show you later about that....]


Ahh....Jung Min, the flamboyant [imo] lets read about him....

Heo Young Saeng :
“Jung Min is sexy and the most eloquent of us. Also, his smile is awesome!”

Kim Kyu Jong :
"Jung Min's positive side is that he is good in talking and in language, his negative side is that he is a reckless person."

[He he...he is playful here in this video...yep...he's like the wind alright...a whirlwind !! Jung Min reckless?? I believe it !!! ]


Oh...Kyu Jong...he's so sweet ! let's see....

Kim Hyun Joong/KHJ/HJL/Leader :
“Kyu Jong is always concerned about others and tries hard for all.”

Kim Hyung Joon /HJB/Baby :
" Kyu Kong is too kind, he can't express [anger?] . He could accept others [ and others take advantage ?]."

[ COULDN' T AGREE MORE , Love describes Kyu Jong best !!! he's soooo nice ]

Well, I hope you've enjoyed watching the elements and reading a little bit about each member of SS501 - and get to know them better - as melchan and I did.

[Videos from YT. Thank you so very much to kawaii30ph !! Love all the videos from you ^^. Information I compiled from member's words in TV programs in U-tube and magazine interviews. ..and I comment in brackets :)]


Anonymous said…
hi there. i like your post about ss501 elements. i'd like to get these videos but i can't find them in youtube. where did you get these videos? thanks for your help.
myoce said…
Hi to you too ^^

Here they are, from by kawaii30ph in You Tube :

first [ KHJ ]

second [HYS ]

third [Baby]

fourth [PJM]

fifth [KKJ]

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