SS501, The Members.


Last time I wrote about SS501, I was about to write something about each of the members. So I think it's about time I post it. So sorry to go missing these last few days, had to go and live my life he he he...! Well it's apparent by now that I'm a Baefamily or a Baefan who likes Kim Hyun Joong, in part because he reminds me of Bae Yong Joon in some of his appearance and mannerism...and in other part, because I like him for himself :) I feel very comfortable with the fact. My BYJ mind map was not finished yet, if I go on with will surely lead to KHJ....cos If I wasn't a baefan, I wouldn't have known about KHJ. I'm sure BYJ must be very glad that I admire another fellow countrymen of his....a singer- actor....yep !.. I see BYJ as a S. Korea Entertainment Icon....and in my eyes, he surely represents all the entertainment celebrities in S. Korea. He'd be delighted that I have come to know KHJ and in consequence am also avidly interested in Hwang Bo, all the members of SS501, and all the cast of BOF....imo, as an ambassador BYJ 'd be happy that the Korean entertainment industry is getting a lot of attention from overseas....very likely it will lead to increase in tourism for S.Korea.



I'll start with one member of SS501 famous for his beautiful voice and shy, quiet manner, Heo Young Saeng. Hmm....melchan's fallen rather hard for HYS , nicked named 'Otter'. To know more about him, you could click here to listen to his monologue. Seems he does great impersonations of K-celebs. In the TV programs where SS501 were involved, I've only seen the gentle side of Young Saeng.....he holds and cuddles children in one program...until one child cried when parted from him [ SOS], helps give a baby a bath [actually every member learned about pregnancy and babies , and each bathed a baby that one program, Big Mama]....plays a lead role in a make believe mystery drama, [Idol World] plays as Cinderella / Hyunderella 's mother in a drama the group made for a little boy in SOS program and in it he managed to looked prettily terrific in a ball gown - guess who's Hyunderella ?? he he he - and really , imo Young Saeng seems to have a sensitive nature. Here's a video of Young Saeng singing with Leader, Hyun Joong. It's from U-tube uploaded by snajper67...[thanks so much!! ] :

Melchan and I just love Young Saeng 's piano/keyboard playing, and he tends to play such romantic melodies that touches the here if you want to hear him play...kekekeke , he totally floored the MC and participants of the show by introducing a totally different atmosphere with his playing !! Hey...he probably likes to play basketball, cos we saw him playing with a basketball here...with Kyu Jong and Baby.

Please be patient and I'll post about the other members and the leader :)

Photos from the internet. 
Link to monologue uploaded by Quainte 501 in U-tube.


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