SS501, The Leader - Four Dimensioned 4

Fourth Dimension - The Presence

At last I'm now in The Fourth Dimension of SS501's 4-Dimensional leader, Kim Hyun Joong. Writing these 4-D postings have really enriched my knowledge of KHJ and SS501...and the information uncovered makes melchan and I love them more and more.

Popular stars will automatically have the ability to influence their surroundings, most specially, their fans. Where ever they are - in the eyes and mind of the audience - popular stars have this impressive quality , an impressive appearance or bearing...which is known as their 'presence'. Deciding on the 'presence' of Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.....our mind flashes through banks of data, images, background information, achievements of Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 recorded in our memories.....we analyze, eliminate, evaluate and conclude....building up the 'presence' ...the impressive quality of the particular star or group. When we see Kim Hyun Joong or SS501...on stage, on TV, in dramas, MVs, CFs and other programs. or events...their 'presence ', unconsciously, is already felt by us [ myoce : please interpret this possibly twisted logic from me freely :) ]. A popular star could make his presence felt in an event...and let the audience be impressed. The words " xxxx is in the building !! " is really a great example...even if the star hasn't appeared on stage [just walked in through the door of the building perhaps] you could already feel his presence...and it makes an impression on you [the crowd goes wild!].

As Kim Hyun Joong has more than one ability, we can feel his presence as an actor, a singer, a dancer, a [bass] guitar player.This 'presence', this impressive quality which could influence people, is the reason stars and celebrities are in high demand everywhere. Here I'd like to write about some programs,events and collaborations that KHJ and SS501 have participated in.

At the 32nd MBC University Song Festival inJeonBook, Big Bang TOP and SS501 Kim Hyun Joong collaborated and performed the medley 'The Original Friends' and performed the song ‘이 밤이 깊어가지만’ from Seo Taiji and Boys‘ first album and also ‘Rise and Fall’ by Craig David featuring Sting, plus an interview with Lee Hyori between the 2 songs. Tablo and Lee Hyori were the hosts to the song festival.

Of course with the 'presence' of big named stars, the Music Festival was a big success, the audience were very very impressed. In the first picture above, KHJ and Top is singing Seo Taiji and Boys‘ song, in the second photo they are being interviewed by Lee Hyori and in the third, performing 'Rise and Fall' [you could listen to the original from my play-list]. Below are the videos of the event. Enjoy !!

Silly me forgot that I have to do something today and have to leave right NOW, so I'll have to get dressed in record time. I leave you and I'll be continuing this Fourth Dimension of SS501 Leader, KHJ, later. Have a great day !

Photos credits as labeled.
Videos from u-tube credits pending when I get back :(


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