Goo Hye Sun, Multi-talented !

Goo Hye Sun seems to be one talented lady ! Yesterday I posted about the release of her first book, 'Tango'.Tango tells the story of love and separation about a girl in her twenties and has been receiving praise from its readers. The book was Goo Hye Sun's first novel and went on sale April 1st, selling over 30,000 copies in its first week and remaining as a best seller in many bookstores. The book is garnering more attention for its illustrations which Goo Hye Sun personally drew. Tango is to be made into a manga , they' re now in talks with a famous manhwa artist and planning to release 4 volumes.

Now I find out that her short film, 'The Cheerful Caretaker' has been entered in the BASFF [Busan Asian Short Film Festival] !! Wow Wow...Hat's off to her..Young, Pretty and Talented.

I saw these pictures of Goo Hye Sun [below] in her thread in Soompi Forum, and can't resist posting them. Hmmm...the photos in the magazine are taken in Bali, in my country...I've been to Bali several times...and once I went there a week for WORK....believe me, going to Bali to work is NOT GOING TO BALI !!! Ok...let's enjoy the pics....oh, she's lovely, so unlike Geum Jan Di here...

Photos from Soompi Forum, Goo Hye Sun official thread. Credits as labeled.
Thanks so much to Nataly for sharing them !!


ginz said…
really love all the songs you have
ginz said…
love all your songs here
myoce said…
Hi ginz !!

Thanks a lot...glad you like 'em..they are a hotch potch of all kinds, there's no logic to them he he

All the best,
Rumput Liar said…
hye seun, happy birthday 4 u!!!!!!!
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