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Here is another gentle and kind member of SS501, Kim Kyu Jong. Hearing his monologue, he came across as a humble person. Even if he is also rather quiet, if there's something needs to be done, he will do the time the group played pranks on Baby Hyung Joon for his birthday by pretending to be mad and insulting to Baby...well, unexpectedly Kyu Jong became more vocal than the others at the end ...and it really pushed Baby to the brink and made him cry !! 'Course they made it up to Baby later on with hugs, apologies, birthday song and a birthday cake. Among other things, Kyu Jong has participated in MBC's God Of Cookery as one of the MC and in 'Break', a short drama...oh, he got to dance a lot there besides being cast as lovers with a girl who's older than him [ y'know I think I saw the actress playing Kyu Jong's love interest also playing in BOF !!]. He's really good at dancing, you could click here to see Kyu Jong performing Rain's ' It's Raining' . Members of SS501 are really close....and Leader has good rapport with each of the member. Here's a video of Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong from U-tube, uploaded by bluejaymiesky [Thank you ]...they do have fun, don't they ? :

Kyu Jong [ or Gorilla as he's called ] is afraid of dogs, but SS501 had to sorta take care of one in the program 'Thank You For Raising Me Up'...hmmm at first Kyu Jong climbed up the piano stool when the dog appeared, but after some time he was feeding and kissing that dog..he he. He also had a pet goldfish...if I'm not mistaken, he named it Young Saeng ! After you listen to his monologue here , you will know why he's always the first one to wake up in 'Thank You For Waking Me Up'.

Once, the boys' families attended their concert....and Kyu Jong's mom read a letter for them, here's what it said :

Jewel of my heart, loving son KyuJung

It feels like yesterday when you cried out so loud when you were born that your grandmother said "Our grandson has such powerful voice, he can be a singer in future~" and she was happy. When i see you already growing up and finding your right path, i am really proud and thankful.

You wrote on top of your desk "Your dream will come true if you have one. I am happy that i have a dream. If you keep the dream and you work hard, it will come true." When i see this, i felt happy but i also felt bad that i couldn't help you to make your dream come true.

When you were little, mom and dad had to work at night and came back at morning. When you were only 8, when needed your mom's warm hands.. You had to prepare dinner with the tiny hands of yours and take care of your young sister/brother

My heart felt like tearing when i saw you woken up by nightmares

My son KyuJung

I always think of you when it rains. I remember when you used to go outside with an umbrella to practice singing in the rain by yourself, for your dream

Unknowingly, you made yours dreams bigger

But i didn't even send you to a piano lesson, I just forced you to study. Now I feel bad.

Last summer you went Seoul alone and when i saw that even you have to continue practicing and doing all the housework, you still have the passion for your dream.

I was proud but felt bad at the same time. I couldn't take care of you are young and even now because my work, but you have never let me down, you have choosen the right path.

You have a warm heart that able you to care for the others, you have the passion for your work. You worked hard to make everything perfect for your dream to come true.

I'm so proud of you when i see you making your dreams come true one by one without even showing that you are tired at such a young age.

Also, the loving sons i earn with my heart.. HyunJoong, YoungSeang, JungMin, HyungJoon~
Don't forget that you still have your parents and your fans supporting you. I hope that you all would work hard and be the best.

I love you~

Kyu Jong broke down and cried as his mom read the letter...and at the end all SS501 members were in tears as they saw their family's faces in the audience and was very moved by the words [it seems the other mothers had started crying when Kyu Jong's mom was reading the letter]. At Hyun Joong's command, all five went down on the floor and made respectful bows in the direction of their families ...O..O... my own eyes teared....I was sooo touched seeing that ! You can see the video HERE.


Park Jung Min's the most talkative and the tallest guy in SS501. It's rather scary to see him in Thank you For Waking Me Up, cos he kicks, hits or pulls hair if anyone dares to wake him up. This horse [ his nick ] is really pretty, I mean... imo he's prettier even than most females ! Recently Jung Min was selected to play in a musical, 'Grease'. He sang and danced there, and I think got great reviews...but he also injured his left knee. Even then he insisted on continuing to appear in 'Grease' and in Music Bank with SS501...he said cos it's been a long time since SS501 performed together [ KHJ was also filming BOF before]. He had surgery for his injury after that, and then he went through an exam to get his driver's license...being the only one in the group who did not have one...he got perfect score for the written exam and KHJ commented, " This is the first time I've seen a person who got full marks for the written exam ". Oh ....I almost forgot, Jung Min's very very brave, he has gone where no SS501 has ever gone before [ I think ! ] , he made a condom CF !! that IS courage ....I really admire him for that. Here's a video from U-tube, uploaded by bluejaymiesky [thanks a lot] could see PJM and KHJ fooling around :p

In all the TV shows and programs involving SS501, despite of his playful nature, I've seen Jung Min being very responsible and caring. He took care of the dog - seen with him in the picture above - a lot [ except at night...Hyun Joong took the dog to sleep with him]...and also when they went to the orphanage , he was very attentive and nice to the children and even bathed one of the disabled child there..... Hyun Joong helping. To know more about him, click here for his monologue. There was a funny incident involving Jung Min and err...his pants was so hilarious !! here if you want to see it . 


Because the similarity of his name to Kim Hyun Joong's name, I think it's better for me to call Kim Hyung Joon, 'Baby'. He is also called Turtle...and he is the youngest of them all. Baby is very playful and cheerful all the time I watch him in programs . He's very affectionate with all the other members...except Jung Min ...whom he sometimes gets into a spite with, but that could be just for fun. In WGM Baby looks very mature, not babyish at all ! To know his aspirations, you could click here to hear his monologue. I like his wonderful voice so much, and his English pronunciation in songs is okay also...just hear him singing in English here ! . Hi hi hi...there's a program - IDOL WORLD- where they were challenged to go through a cemetery after dark, with fake ghosts scaring the life out of them...well, at least it scared the life out of Baby...he was screaming non stop [ maybe he's faking it ?]...Leader was the most cool...he didn't even flinch, got through the cemetery in record time. Maybe Hyung Joon and Hyun Joong are very close....I see them together a lot in's one about them, it's from U-tube by jbnature [ thanks :) ] :


Baby's younger brother, Kim Ki Bum [ not to be confused with Ki Bum in BOF ] is a member of the boyband U-Kiss. Baby really cares for his brother and shows it, he showed up in their show in Japan to support them. It was a surprise visit I guess, his bro was the other members of here to see it.

Oh...I've talked too much about SS501 already !! Hope it makes some sense to you...I get disoriented all together at this time of night . Do hope you could enjoy it...

Ok, I think I need my sleep I'll be posting about Leader Kim Hyun Joong next time...cos it's gonna be a bit longer than the others :)

Photos from the internet, credit as labeled.


Amy said…
thanks this helped me so much and i had so much fun looking at the videos ^__^ thank you, you are the best hahah XD
myoce said…
Hi Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not the best...I just can't stop talking about KHJ and SS501 hehehe..
Cheers ! :D
Ann said…
ahh hope if u can add me i got a doubt.. need to know someone on the "love like this" video and i can't recognize him xD.. thanks

this my mail

myoce said…
Hi Ann,
If you want, you can ask here...but if you want to talk to me personally I'll give you my there some one you didn't recognize in the Rebirth photos ?? Yep me too...but now I can see them clearer.

All the best,
Anonymous said…
hey came across this when i wanted to find out more about ss501, thanks so much for your very informative page :)
aNggiT said…
myoceeeeeeeee!!!!!!geez!!thx for my shillang's part :D him coz his really2 bold person.hehe...
Anonymous said…
Can you tell me what was the concert where the parents came and KJ's mom read the letter? i'd like to see that.. Thanks... Great blog, by the way!
myoce said…
Oh wow...I forgot to reply to comments here I bad !

Sorry Anon and Anggit !!
Thanks for commenting ^^
myoce said…
Dear Anon who commented a few days ago,

Thank you !
I'm sorry I have forgotten where in YT I saw it.
The video was a bit blurry
I didn't bother to put it here bcoz of that.

But If I happen to see it again or
find a better one..
I'll post it in this blog !

Cheers !
rozeeloveshyunjoong said…
sooo nice to see them! i got to see 3 of them. last year it was hyun joong oppa then this year it was kyu jong and young saeng.. i hope that they will get back together again! SS501 fighting!!! go green peas!!!
myoce said…
Hi rozeeloveshyunjoong,

Thanks for the comment. Wow you're so lucky to be able to see them !
Hope your luck stays and you get to meet all of them ^^

SS501 fightiing 1

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