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Hmmm...since dear bb put a link in her post to my previous SS501's been a big weight on my mind. Goshh!! What am I going to write about SS501's Leader, Kim Hyun Joong??? Who is he? what do I know about him? These and other questions kept appearing and going round and round in my mind !!...of course they automatically appear with KHJ's handsome face in the background....sigh....lets not talk about his face or this post will never get off the ground, I'll be daydreaming with a silly smirk on my face. Ok.... since I've already jumped into the pool, might as well get thoroughly wet ! Here we go...

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Kim Hyun Joong is well known as a 4-D Prince and the term 4-D has always been attributed to him, referring to his unique personality......I'd like to use that term to post about the Leader of SS501.


First Dimension - The Person

All most of us could gather about KHJ as a person comes from reading and observations . For a performer he is really a unique person, cos he has not covered up a lot...I mean he does not present his shinny polished image to the public most of time.... he tells the truth. What performer would say “I thought being an Idol would last forever, but hair on underarms are growing.” in a TV interview post-BOF success ?? He also said “I'm supposed to be an idol star, but my mustache grows a lot. Not only mustache, hair grows everywhere.” Hmm...I wonder where that popped up from ? The connection between idol and hair growing everywhere ? I guess he's saying...the reality is not as you see on TV or in magazines...being an idol is hard work [ I have a tough time shaving all those hair :P ].


I've read several translated messages KHJ sent to fans through the DSP website, in them he always includes words of encouragement to his fans, whether they are facing exams, bad weather or health concerns. He always says " Please come to our [SS501] concert after the exam". He gives support to his older fans on their job ...with the words aja aja fighting and go for it !! Who wouldn't be happy to be cheered by him. Kim Hyun Joong is a person who loves his fans, you could say he knows how to 'give and take' [ Eeew....the image of Gun Pyo's mother saying that is rather freaky...gotta erase it from my mind ! ]. His love for his fans is apparent in the Good bye Ji Hoo event he created , watching the last episode of BOF together with them, something fans did not have to pay for...something given back for the love he has received from them.

Kim Hyung Joong is a person who could really let it all out when he laughs, even though he has said a few times that he doesn't laugh often, but when he've got to see it to believe it. I just hope he wont have tummy cramps [ we'll have to be careful of what we say, it'll be processed by that 4-D mind of his, and he might end up laughing his head off !!] :

Video from U-tube by miniron 81, thanks a lot !

Doesn't he make you laugh and smile also ?

KHJ is a person who looks serious most of the time, specially off camera ....he himself said that it's hard for him to smile if he doesn't want to..he only does it in front of audiences, on cue. In fact... he's not serious and unsmiling all the time, he likes to play pranks here , here and here to see him fooling around with other members of SS501, I really had hopes he would sing along with's a beautiful song,specially with his voice blended in ! In the second video, they were in a radio program, singing...and they replaced some of the lyrics with the words 'Park Jung Min' and the word 'mal'....[Korean for 'horse' :)] he he he....Jung Min was rendered speechless with so many against him....the leader singing ' Mal Jung Min, Mal Jung Min ' the loudest...although PJM was cute ...smiling and trying to jump up on the desk....and in the third one...well...words just fail me ^____^

Each SS501 member has distinct color of voice, KHJ does too...that's why they do well ...I guess...I'm no music expert and rather blind here...I just know when it sounds good to my ear and my heart, then it's good music for me. Melchan and I love SS501's songs, but we also love to hear each of them sing solo sometimes. Below is one number KHJ sang in a radio show, not perfect, but lovely it all the same. Click here to hear another lovely song sung by him [ please be patient, it's near the end]. Imo, he is a person with a great voice for love or romantic ballads...err.... even if he doesn't think so, and prefer to sing rock ballads.

Video from U-tube by Snowhite 91, thank you !

Kim Hyun Joong is fiercely loyal to SS501...all the while filming BOF, he was missing being together with SS501...did you see what he was doing between shootings ?? yep, I posted the video before...he was scratching 'SS501' on the ice carving centerpiece on the buffet table....until it cracked . You could see that SS501 is always included in his activities...I'd like to think the reason for that is not only because SS501 has 2 great OSTs in BOF. As the leader of SS501, he is not interested in contemplating an existence out side the group.......after completion of BOF, he [and his agency] turned down 5 offers of Dramas and Movies, cos SS501 had to work on their next album and KHJ wanted to concentrate on that.....he has said that going solo is not for him. He also cares very much for the members....he wrote to fans about Young Saeng being in the hospital and that fans should not worry, cos the surgery was a success. When the sub-group [ Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Baby] was interviewed in a show...the MC called KHJ up [who was on site of BOF shooting] on the phone and KHJ told them to work hard, be successful and - specially to substitute leader, Young Saeng - to take care of Baby !! Recently he suggested to fans of SS501 and BOF to go and watch 'Grease', the musical Park Jung Min is in.

Maybe because Kim Hyun Joong loves manga so much, that his artistic talents spills over to drawing comic figures of aliens and things...err below you could also see his drawing of the SS501 members....turtle, horse and dog [ KHJ's nick name] included. Do you remember his drawing on the celebrity tote bag for charity ?...yep... it fetched the highest price when auctioned :) So he is a person blessed with multiple artistic talent.

Goodness !! Here I am still in the First Dimension, and it's already almost 3 am here...after wondering about what on earth to post !!....O O...I'll have to stop here first... I'll continue this dimension down in this post and work on KHJ's other dimensions tomorrow...cos I'll have to wrack my brains first...sob sob....Anyway I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoyed it too and learned something new about KHJ :)....G'night...sweet dreams..

Hi ! I'm back in KHJ's First Dimension.

In his young age, Kim Hyun Joong has experienced many things in the field of entertainment...such as doing concerts, being an MC, walking down the the cat walk, taking part in many variety shows, acting in a sitcom, acting in a drama, winning awards, working and practicing very hard..... and realizing his dreams. As a person he has often been said to have a brash, straight forward and direct attitude...and rather careless, Here is KHJ's monologue, you can listen and form your own opinion on what kind of person he is. If that is still not enough for you, then you can click here and here ....and learn more on what kind of people the leader and the members of SS501 are. Maybe these excerpts from KHJ's message to fans and from interviews will help us to get to know KHJ better :

- Don't sit in front of the fan or air condition too long, you will catch a cold
-It's Thanksgiving Day. Don't eat too much rice cakes, otherwise you might get a tummy-ache
- Please work hard so you won't get fired. For the jobless sisters, Go for it!!!
- If it rains, don’t forget to bring an umbrella. Don’t put on a raincoat, if it’s not green [green is SS501's color]. If you don’t have umbrella, use your mom’s
- I have felt that I am loved more than my ability
- Even though it's raining, snowing, or storming, always love and support SS501!!
- I'm worried about your health in rainy season, so please take care of yourselves. You might break down at the concert~~:)
- I have no idea how you know my cellular phone number and home phone number. I am often harassed with nuisance phone calls.:(( Please~~~~ contain yourselves or I will revenge~~ :-)
- Korean full-course dishes are what I usually enjoy eating. I don’t like Western style food that much
- I would like to form a band like Seo Taiji and have a fantastic all-standing concert
- I thank you for reading this, which I wrote between being asleep and being awake
- Don't hate Hwang Bo too much, she's fearful of you guys
- While shooting [kissing scenes] I was worried I might burp
- When F4’s Ji Hoo said sweet lines I get goose bumps. I won’t say these lines in my entire life
- Add Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho)’s height and asset, Ji-hoo(Kim Hyun-joong)’s sweetness, Yi-jeong(Kim Bum)’s manner, Woo-bin(Kim Jun)’s tough fighting ability together, it will be the most perfect boy over flowers
- Don’t make Hye-sun laugh[ since Koo Hye-sun injured around her lip due to traffic accident] Because her lip is sewn, if she laughs it won’t be cured. We have to be serious for a while

Kim Hyung Joong is a person with a vision, he'd like to study music and dancing under the best instructors in the U.S, while also studying English....and come back to Korea a much more professional performer. Now SS501 are on their way...or already landed in L.A. Maybe KHJ will be able to realize some of his dreams at this time , staying a few months after the others have gone home to Korea to pursue his vision as he had planned...

To be continued.

p.s. I did not explain much about KHJ being a person who works hard and dedicates himself to his work, cos it will be discussed in another extra dimension.

Photos from Soompi Forum KHJ thread & other sites , credit as labeled ,
and infos from Perfect and other sites in the internet.
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