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Third Dimension - The Actor

Wow it sure took me long to get to this continuation of KHJ's Third Dimension, there were things to see and things to do as usual. Ok, as I wrote the last time....KHJ had performed in WGM partnered with Hwang Bo. I bet neither one ever suspected how their performance in WGM would bring about so many things, and they'd be loved by a lot of people...not just in S.Korea, but now there are Joongboers in The States, Singapore, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, many other countries..and..Philippines [who are the happiest now, since they were able to meet Hwang Bo (and the InfinityGirls) in the Phils a few days ago...Ohh Hwang Bo looks so stunning !! G'luck Joongboers...I hope she does it personally !! Any one wants to see the pics click has posted them in her blog :)].

About KHJ's performance in WGM, I'll put an excerpt from interview of " Vogue Girl" Magazine on Feb 2009 here : Q is the interviewer, A is KHJ.

Q : Even if ‘We just got Married’ is departed show, I can’t but mention it. Recently script of one of the real varieties shows opened to public, TV audiences were disappointed that it sets up exceedingly detail situation. How about ‘We just got married’?

A: ‘We just got married’ didn’t have any script but had only mission. We should lead the show by ourselves. I’d never done those kinds of things before, so I was at a loss what to do at first. But staffs encouraged me to have my own way. And then I did it frankly. My feature in the show is almost same to my real [one?].

Q : Aren’t you aware of Camera?

A : No. Sometimes I forgot the camera is running. I can’t do half of made up story and half of real story. It would be better not to do it at all than to do it that way. Some friends who watched the show worried that it’s too plainly. It is a good thing that TV audiences enjoy it.

Ok, that's what KHJ said...I leave it to you to make your own impression of that...he he...I'm smiling anyway....I am a Joongboer after all ...even though I rarely post in any thread [feeling my age...sob sob, I'll stay here safely, thank you...]. I think WGM Joongbo parts are awesome , no wonder they won The Best Couple Award on MBC's "We Got Married" at The MBC Awards, December 28, 2008 !

On going to Kim Hyun Joong's next Boys Over Flowers [adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio].

I read when at first KHJ was selected to play the Rui or Yun Ji Hoo character in the drama, there were negative comments...mainly cos he was from a boyband [don't know why though...] and cos many question his ability in acting..

Lets meet the other performers of BOF first. Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di. Goo Hye Sun, who has her performances in ‘Pure 19′, ‘King and I’ and “Strongest Chil-Woo‘ proving she is a talented actress.... here playing opposite Lee Min Ho [and Kim Hyun Joong].

GHS had also made a cameo appearance as one of the wandering artists Robin Williams looks after in the film " August Rush ". She said, "It was a tiny role but I was greatly inspired by the delicate workings of a Hollywood film set and the actors’ freely expressed talent. My appearance wasn’t important. I’m just grateful for the experience.”

Lee Min Ho in the part of Goo Jun Pyo. He had roles over the past couple of years in dramas like I Am Sam and Run Mackerel and movies such as Public Enemy 1-1 and Our School E.T , and a few other dramas and movies. Even though they were not lead or big roles, but LMH is experienced in acting, not a comparative newbie like Hyun Joong.

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung, has acted in several dramas like : East Of Eden, The Unstoppable Highkick and Outrageus Women. He's also acted in several movies, like I like It Hot, Gosa /The Story. Yep he's experienced all right...and considered to be a promising young actor.

Kim Joon is a member of T-Max, a three membered pop group . I haven't read anything about him performing in any dramas or movies. So he is probably more of a newbie in acting than Hyun Joong is. But his role BOF/BFF is not as prominent as KHJ's. I suppose KHJ could relate comfortably to Kim Joon, looking at the music group background.

So, in switching to acting, KHJ had to work in a different environment and cooperate with different kinds of people than the ones he is used too. His and the other member's relationship in the SS501 brotherhood is so solid, that they could probably read each other's mind most of the time. Now he has to thrive and succeed in this new world of actors and acting. Adapting to new ways of working, new people to work with and maybe what concerns him most : learning to interpret the character he plays through acting.

Now here's how Ji Hoo's character in the manga is described in wikipedia [simplified] :

He had autism since he was a child. He prefers sleeping at least 10 hours a day, has trouble socializing. He is generally quiet and cold, but has a soft spot for his close friend and Geum jan Di's idol, the model Seo Hyeon, whom he has harbored feelings for since childhood. His character is a bit complex, and his feelings for Jan Di are in a nearly constant state of flux . In season two of Hana Yori Dango [BOF], he grows closer with Jan Di but he also claimed that he loved her and that he is the one that would make her happy, not Jun Pyo. They eventually become very close friends and she depends on him as a confidant. He always seems to wear or have white things in the drama.

Don't Korean version BOF characters stick to the manga character's description more than the other versions ?? Oh!! Got a headache just reading that ! to portray an autistic character who has trouble socializing and having a constant flux of feelings ??...and KHJ had to do just that.

Looking at the other performers, the character he has to portray, the adapting he had to go through...not to mention the long exhausting hours and accidents....I'm really astonished he managed to pull everything off...not only that, he managed to snag the Popularity Award for Television at The 45th PaekSang Arts Awards in February 2009. Can't do anything than praise him for that Jun Pyo playing golf would say....Good Shot !!

Original photo of Joongbo from Soompi Forum Joongbo Thread.
Other pictures from the internet, credits as labeled.

So ends the Third Dimension ...see you in the Fourth dimension !


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