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We were just talking about this sweet boy, right ?
Ok, here's the news :

SS501 Kim Gyu Jong and Ki Shin Ah are 'lovers'

The still cuts to singer Kim Dong Hee’s upcoming MV ‘Yes you are a woman (여자는 그래)’ from her first album ‘My Reality’ were released on 15th May.

And featured in the MV are SS501 Kim Gyu Jong and movie actress Kim Shin Ah. For the MV, Kim Shin Ah plays the female lead who initiates breakup with her lover played Kim Gyu Jong, and she walked to the seashore where she commits suicide.

Many fans were surprised when they see SS501 Kim Gyu Jong hugging Kim Shin Ah in his arms and his acting as the grieving lover in the still cuts. This is the first time they see this side of Kim Gyu Jong. The full version of the MV will be released on 19th May.

Source : K-Bites Soompi SS501 thread by VAL XD.


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