SS501 - Piece Of Memory

On A Short Action Movie - by HJL, HYS and HJB

In 'The Mission' program of Mnet Japan, we could see the SS501 boys doing lots of activities, introducing themselves in Japanese to strangers, selling their album on street corners, playing games, cooking...and many more. One of the mission that was carried out by Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon is acting in a short action movie, entitled ' Piece Of Memory '. In it they had to act out fighting scenes...complete with action using weapons and wires. It's very interesting to watch the he makings of this short movie. HJL and HJB was great...and Heo Young Saeng....welll...Young Saeng...... REALLY ROCKS in this one !!. [you should hear melchan's praise for him hmmm :)] just look at the Off Shots when they were making the movie... he looks like a Samurai with that sword....I bet lots of girls and ladies will fall for him after seeing this... if they haven't already...

For our enjoyment I'm giving you the links to The Mission Off Shots...the video is for sale, I'd buy it if they sell it look around in you area, Ok ! Oh yes...there are two kinds of The Mission Off Shot links...the first batch is by keemmeo . I think it's complete but there are no subs, but the visual is great...the second batch has English subs by reena29lim but these are all I could find in YT, so they are not complete...but maybe you'll find them yourself later. A huge thanks to keemmeo and reena29lim for uploading 'em in YT....mwaaah !!

Mnet Japan Mission off shots without subs :

Mission off shot one
[ learning Japanese going to the stores and petshop ]

Mission off shot two [ at fish market and food guessing game]

Mission off shot three [ Kyu and Baby]

Mission off shot four [ volley ball ]

Mission off shot five [ playing traditional Japanese music and dance ]

Mission off shot six [ Jung Min and Kyu Jong at the beach ]

Mission off shot seven [ leader cooking, ouch...finger got nicked by knife ]

Mission off shot eight [ practice dancing ]

Mission off shot nine [ on the streets , eating in restaurant ]

Mission off shot ten [ KKJ and PJM in an amusement park wth children ]

Mission off shot eleven [ Fighting scene HJL,HJB, HYS ----> YS's part coool ]

Mission off shot twelve part one

and part two/end
[ great singing & dancing performance ]

Mnet Japan The Mission with susbs :

Mnet Japan SS501 The Mission epi 4 [ three parts ]
part one
part two
part three

Mnet Japan SS501 The Mission epi 5 [ three parts ]
part one
part two
part three

Mnet Japan SS501 The Mission epi 11 [ four parts ]
Here's the makings of 'Piece of Memory'.
part one
part two
part three
part four

I hope everybody is having a nice weekend !


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