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Second Dimension - The Musician

Talking about Kim Hyun Joong the musician, is also talking about SS501 the boy-band....they are a package deal. Once the boys were asked what their favorite music genre is ....Hyun Joong prefers Rock ; Young Saeng likes Rock, love songs, R&B and pop ; Baby likes R&B and pop ; Kyu Jong prefers love songs , and Jung Min is fond of love songs and new age rock. Looking at all their actually describes the kind of music they present in their albums, and I guess add a bit of rapping and hip-hop as well. SS501 made their debut in June 2005 with their self-titled single which contained 6 tracks [5 vocal and 1 instrumental]. The first track on the album is Gyeonggo or Warning which is the first song and music video they promoted :

Video from U-tube by Cinderellaboy, Thanks a lot !

I looked up the reviews for 'Warning' [ and here's a 'warning' for SS501 fans - including me - for these reviews we must take in the good and the bad, KHJ once said he pays attention to negative responses so he could improve himself ] :

Review 1 : It's a dance track with a catchy refrain that fit their image of being kinda cool without being over the top. They don't sing together as a group much in this song; rather, each member gets a nice amount of lines to themselves. It's a good strategy to help new fans get familiar with the members and which voice belongs to whom [ by mere].

Review 2 : It's a wicked dance/pop track. The vocals aren't that strong in the song, but they always keep it interesting. Passion continues the dance/pop style, but with a darker feel to it. This chorus is just awesome. The overlaying of vocals here just adds an extra edge to the song [].

Many of us , including Joongboers.... will know that KHJ loves guitars...he could spend the whole day looking at guitars...he also collects them...and think they and other musical instruments are valuable. I think he loves to play that specific musical instrument. In BTS of BOF...I see him often playing guitar also . Here are two videos of Hyun Joong playing the first one he's playing bass guitar.....the other one is when he played guitar in a TV program in Japan.

Two videos above from U-tube by lovekhj0606, thanks so much !

You know, I'm so old-fashioned that I've never seen a person rap a whole song ! So, this is the first for does it come across so sweet ??...and it's accompanied by a piano !! ...another first.

Video from U-tube by bluejaymiesky, appreciate it, thanks !

Hyun Joong loves rock music and aspires to become like Seo Taiji a prominent Korean rock star who really influenced music developments in S.Korea ...If you'd like to see and hear Seo Taiji performing 'Ultraman', click here. Actually I wanted to blog more here, on KHJ's second dimension, but it has been raining and thundering since a few hours ago....I kept losing things I've uploaded cos the internet connection goes on and off...finally I went off line to avoid lightning. I'll continue tomorrow. Oh soo much news of KHJ today ! Hope he will get some rest and enough nutricious things to eat there in Las Vegas [ or did he stay in LA ?]. Sleep tight....

Hi...Me back.

Remember the Warning MV at the top of this post ?, well ...SS501's first single contained 6 tracks [5 songs/vocal and 1 instrumental], for a new group just debuted, it is very rare to have three out of five songs from a single become hits !, they are 'Warning' [ previous / top] , 'Never Again' and 'Everything' [below] :

Video from U-tube by Bobo203. Thanks a bunch !

Video from U-tube by Chaitaya, Thanks so much !

So 2005 was a terrific year for SS501....they snapped up many newcomer awards. In 2006, they released their second single. In it, 'Snow Prince' upbeat song with a Winter atmosphere, shot straight to number one in the Korean music chart. For the song 'Fighter’ in this same single, they change their image to dark rockers, written by famous Korean songwriters, Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min, this song also climbed up to the top 5 in the Korean music chart. SS501 released their full album in November 2006. A song from the album called 'Four chance' [ '4chance’].... hits number one in many charts.

In mid 2007, SS501 went to Japan, to enter the Japanese market. In Japan they practiced singing and also Japanese language. ‘Kokoro’ - their first Japanese single - was released In August 2007, debuting at number 5 in oricon chart. They made history ! The first foreign artist to have their Japanese debut song in the oricon chart. Another single, ‘ Distance’ was released in September which once again reached number 5 in the oricon chart. In October that year they finally released a self titled Japanese album, and on the day of the release...the album reached the number 8 in the oricon daily chart !!

Ok, I've only gotten as far as here about Kim Hyung Joon's career as musician , as well as SS501's history. There's still a lot of information about their more recent songs...such as their song 'Because I'm Stupid' of Boys Over Flower's OSTs...was chosen as Song of the Month by Cyworld Digital Award...and many more. I'll let you find out about them yourselves ..he..he..

OOOPTH...I've made it till here...two dimensions to go...AIGOO..



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