Park Jung Min, Sleepless in Seoul :)

You know, I saw this sit com with Park Jung Min in it...and I'm sharing it with you. It was not Can Love Be Refilled...he played a serious role....but here...we could laugh with him. A big thank you to ximagnesx for uploading it !

Here's the first part : Sit Com Elephant 1

I burst out laughing at the last part when Jung Min said, " My feelings right now are indescribable in human language"....I wanted to ask..."How about in horse language ?? " Ha Ha tummy aches...

Here's the second part : Sit Com Elephant 2

Oh !! Jung Min couldn't keep a straight face when SS501's 'A Song Calling For You' was coming out of the hand-phone, he kept breaking into beautiful smiles...and almost laughed, even though the script didn't call for it.....finally had to excuse himself to the bathroom [to laugh it off, I'm sure] LOL !!!

Have a nice day every one...

To Baefamily reading this : you'll notice there are two performers familiar to our eyes here because they have performed with Bae Yong Joon. Yup, it's Joo acting as Jung Min's friend's grandfather [ As president Choi in Hotelier and Shin Young's father in DWRL] and Kim Mi Kyung, here acting as Jung Min's friend's mom [As Bason in the Legend ] .

Photo credit as labeled.


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