Boys Over Flowers Drama coming to Indonesia

Oh !! Great news for Indonesian viewers...Boys Over flowers is going to be shown here in Indosiar TV....YaaaY. Great ....I could watch them again. I bet KHJ and all the other cast will get more and more Indonesian fans after everybody watch them here.

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REALLYYYYYY???????????? omg....
i'm indonesian.. but right now i'm not in indonesia. POOR ME.. ~
myoce said…
Hi Frisca The GreenPlanet !!

Oh that's too bad !! Have you watched it yet ?

If you want you could try :

They have the whole thing.

Nice to meet you and ur blog's cute..

Met nonton :)

CU, myoce
Of course I've already watched it! lol.. never want to get left behind about Korea Drama. LOL ~

Thanks!! haven't updated my blog since long long time ago!

Urs too btw... so many nice things to read while i have nothing to do here. lol ^^
myoce said…
Oh LOL ! I'm in a " KHJ/SS501 star struck mind " and have some time on my hands....thought I'd sharpen my writing claws ...

Now totally confused about the 3rd D cos of too many infos...huu huu..

Ok,I'd better get on wth it so you could have more reading materials^^

[Of course you've already watched it...what was I thinking !! *hitting my head 3x* ]

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