SS501, De Ja Vu & ASCFY at HB KMF 09

SS501 on stage for KMF at hollywoood Bowl
Photo from Korean aein at Soompi, thank you !

I only put this picture cos he was smiling :)
He's enjoying himself very much !!!
Photo from marvie carl at Soompi, thanks !

KHJ among fans, doesn't he look happy ?
Photo from betchay at Soompi, thanks a lot !

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SS501 performing De Ja Vu at Korean Music Festival, Hollywood Bowl. I know there's a lot of clips coming out..and I got these from bb's blog and U-tube. ....he he..... He danced in the middle and Baby jumped over him....he turned around, went to the back to join Jung Min, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong while Baby danced in front. Young Saeng passed him a bottled water and I think he managed to have a drink before they turned around and danced again. He put the water bottle at the foot of the stairs. Video from U-tube by Ohhnice...thanks a lot !

SS501 performing A Song Calling For You. Video from U-tube by Totochi...thanks a bunch ! [ I've repost and deleted the previous clips because they were too unclear and it was hard to see the boys dancing on stage ]. Melchan's soo jumping up and down seeing these new batch of photos and clips, even more when she saw Young Saeng flashing his smile a lot :)


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