Boys Over Flowers aired 1st of June in Indonesia

Oh....a bit disappointed to see the after little of KHJ/Ji Hoo...and Gun Pyo with out Jan Di !! But the songs were nice . And yes, it was sad to see Ji Hoo's after story . Liezle has posted both stories and the music in her blog, click here to see them. But good news for Indonesian fans...the drama will be aired in Indosiar TV network on 1st of June 2009, Monday and Tuesday starting at 9 pm.

I guess KHJ is busy with SS501 now, and GHS busy with promoting her book, and LMN has rescheduled his leg operation to June due to his full and busy schedule... Kim bum is shooting another drama, and Kim Joon busy with T-Max. But they will unite again to promote Boys Over Flowers overseas. Hope we could see some interviews later... do miss them.

You could click here here see some interesting interviews of the cast and a bit of flash backs [English.... yeaay] .

Video clips from U-tube : Thanks to dramanoella [3x love u ! still crying over what happened to your vods in u-tube. Was too late to see them :( ], Selita03, iheartdolphin and tsukey 1985.

Photo : credit as labeled.


ginz said…
hi's airing here in manila since the start of may...and know what, i bought a dvd copy, can't wait for the next episode on the next day...
myoce said…
Hi Ginz !!

He he...I know how you feel !!
So you're hooked now:)
Have a lovely time ...

I'm watching it again when it airs here. But I think it deserves a third and fourth viewing LOL !

Love, myoce

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