On BYJ - his gaze

This IS sort of a I'm blogging on Bae !!

You know, I tried uploading dear LL's video "Gazing on me" a few days ago. Did it several times in fact..but failed. So glad I could do it today. When I talk about LL...the word 'awesome' comes to mind ... dear LL creates awesome videos / flashes [me don't know the difference] and LL has an awesome site/blog. I go there to marvel at LL's work of art and enjoy videos of Yong Joon ssi.

If there's some Baefamily passing by,
please enjoy this beautiful video !
Dear LL, if you see this...thank you so much !!

p.s.I'm refraining myself from gushing about wuri Yong Joon nim, with difficulty.


Hyds said…
Dear Myoce,
This is one of my favorite VOD also. When I saw this I was actually in tears seeing him and hearing him laughing. So this one is the best so far in my opinion.
myoce said…
Hi Hyds,
Thanks for the comment....
he he you're the first !
BYJ's laugh is infectious...I wanted to laugh too.

p.s I'll send you mail :)
Anonymous said…
myoce, I can't open this says 'this video is currently not available...' but I think I saw and downloaded this VOD by LL. I will search for it one day..hehe.
love, concy
just hope the msg goes thru..
myoce said…
Concy, I'm sorry to hear that.
I tried it out and it worked Ok for me. Hope you already have it...

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