Time out for a break

On BYJ - you are really tall !

Pretend you're a mom, and had two grown up boys like these two and it's now their bed time, what would you say ? Me ?...
1. Boys, please wash your feet before getting in bed. 2. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and put on your p'jamas. 3. Yong Joon sweety, please go to your own bed, this is too small for you, you will fall off . 4. Stop reading and turn off the lights...no more talking ! 5. No, you may not have another glass of water. 6. Go to sleep right now, tomorrow you start shooting. 7. Goodnight, I love you too [he he he] OOhh I'm glad they don't need tucking in anymore....I'd be too s s s scared !!!

Photo : lifted from Soompi Forum, credit as labeled.


Hyds said…
Myoce, This is a very sweet picture. Not seen them before. Nice one!
myoce said…
Thanks,Hyds.... when I saw it..I couldn't resist..

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