Writing with light

On Art - black and white, the beginning

"Writing with light" isn't that a beautiful phrase? I've never heard of it before. But I've heard the word 'photography' a lot. It turned out that photography comes from two Greek words meaning "writing with light".

I read that the origins of photography lie in an artistic technique known as single-point or linear perspective, which was developed in the early 1400s. Pioneered in Italy by architect Filippo Brunelleschi and others, the system of single-point perspective provided painters with a method for depicting three-dimensional space on a flat surface. It is based on the notion of a single observation point and results in lines that appear to recede into the distance by converging on a fixed point on the horizon, called the vanishing point.[myoce:talking about the vanishing point reminds me of drawing and painting, did you know that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci used cameras ? Yep they did ! But not the cameras we use now].

In the 16th century many artists employed a boxlike device known as camera obscura [Latin meaning “dark room”] as an aid to depicting space with single-point perspective. This consisted of a box with a pinhole on one side and a glass screen on the other. Light coming through this pinhole projected an image onto the glass screen, where the artist could easily trace it by hand. Artists soon discovered that they could obtain an even sharper image by using a small lens in place of the pinhole. The camera obscura was used by Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre , an artist and theatrical designer who owned a theater in Paris, placed a copper plate coated with silver iodide in a camera obscura. After exposing this plate to light for a relatively short time and then to fumes of mercury, an image appeared.Daguerre’s process is called the daguerreotype, which became a very famous invention.

[myoce : so daguerreotype became the first kind of photography, with the image appearing on a copper plate, not on paper like now ].

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