Delicious Cucur

On Snacks - traditional ones

My mom and mother in-law have something in common. They both like to cook traditional snacks. One example is Cucur. It's a famous snack in Manado [North Sulawesi], I'm dedicating this post to them both.

I made some once - in their absence - and was embarrassed to tell them that I failed. When I reported my result to them,they said it's always like that with Cucur, the most important ingredient is luck. Oh...I laughed ... But then my efforts did not go unrewarded, hubby and children polished off my misshapen Cucurs...they said it was great LOL!

Let me share with you how to make it [please bear with me on the
cooking terminologies.....Tamar - a Baesister who's an expert on
cooking - will probably chuckle if she reads this ! ].

Ingredients :

250 gr flour
500 gr rice flour
6 ounces Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon grind cinnamon
1 tablespoon grind Anise seed
800 ml water
some LUCK... [he he]

Before making the batter, you'll need to get some things
ready : a steel wok, a ladle, a bamboo stick, a plastic tray
lined with paper napkins.

Creating the batter :
Mix the flour, rice flour, cinnamon and anise in a bowl
Boil 400ml of the water and melt all the brown sugar in it.
Slowly pour the melted brown sugar into the bowl while
stirring, then add the rest of the water [400ml].

Stir slowly till even [pic3]. Ok now you are ready to fry it.
Heat about 1 cup of cooking oil [palm oil here]. Pour in about half a cup of the batter - using a ladle- into the oil [pic 4,5]. Wait until the Cucur raises and a little of the batter leaks out from the middle [pic 6], then flip it over. The fringes of the Cucur will begin to scallop or look like lace, the color becomes brown and it will smell heavenly !

Stick in the pointed end of the bamboo chopstick into the middle raised part of the Cucur, wait for a minute and lift the chopstick
with the Cucur at the end of it. Put it on the napkin lined tray,wait till most of the grease has been absorbed by the napkin and the Cucur cools and it's ready to be eaten.

Oh yes the ingredients above is for 40 Cucurs [hehe we have a meeting at our house later].

OK, happy eating !


Hyds said…
Looks yummy myoce.. I thought it was sweet potato at first.. oh I miss that snack too.. yum yum
myoce said…
Oh Hyds...there's on we make from sweet potatos...with brown sugar in the center. It's called Binyolos.

OH hungry...hungry...
Anonymous said…
Traditional food is quite difficult to find lately.....Smart myoce had brought it back today....But you have to responsible Myoce.....Now I crave for it.....
myoce said…
Oh dear, Anonymous...thank you for calling me smart...though I don't know who I'm thanking. Actually I'm only smart on reporting...I didn't make it ...only took pictures...then gobbled up the cucur LOL !

pls tell me who you are next time :)
cyang said…
hi's me, Cyang....hehe
myoce said…
He he he Halo Cyang,

Lho...lupa nama sendiri yaa ???

Engga apa apa de

Kalau di jakarta...cucur banyak dijual, Cyang. But I'm sure my mom's are more delicious he he he

Nice to see you always !

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