On Sport - with melchan

Of course the kids have forbid me to publish their images in cyberspace. Not even the tips of their hair or the very ends of their toes should be seen here. BUT...it seems the rule does not apply for photos of them under five !! They are sure in the knowledge that no one will ever recognize them from these pictures [ except their grandmas, grandpas ...cousins, aunts, uncles ...etc..who have seen them in the 'un-cool' stage of their lives ]. They are absolutely right ... both of them are taller than I am now and their features have changed.Melchan is the athletic of the two...ever since she could walk, she has been skipping running and jumping. Here she's demonstrating some moves for mommy to follow, so mommy won't be so bulgy in the middle. Ok, raise those elbows... one,two,...one,two..straighten those arms, move those feet! Yup... right, left.......three,four...three,four... heeey mom ! where are you going?...this is just warming up !!
Melchan, mom's just going to sit there and rest...and maybe have some snacks and a cup of tea.....you just go on....ok...

A good friend took these photos .


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