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On Health - trees are healthy for us

The best time to plant a tree,
was twenty years ago.
The next best time is now.


Did you know...

that trees are green machines that act as natural filters of our air? Through the process of photosynthesis they absorb carbon dioxide (a key GHG and principle contributor to global warming) from the atmosphere and store it in their trunk, branches, leaves, roots, soil and foliage, while releasing oxygen back out. Trees are approximately 50% stored carbon.

Trees offer humanity an opportunity to neutralize the harmful emissions we generate when we drive our cars, fly in planes and power our homes and factories. The role of trees has been ratified by the world’s governing scientific authority on Climate Change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a formal mechanism for the offsetting of greenhouse gases, under the Kyoto Protocol

Whereas deforestation, degradation and poor forest management reduce carbon storage in forests, sustainable management, planting, and rehabilitation of forests can increase carbon sequestration.

In fact the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation states “global carbon retention resulting from reduced deforestation, increased forest regrowth and more agro-forestry and plantations could mak up for about 15% of carbon emissions from fossil fuels over the next 50 years (2006).”

Not only are trees an effective means for absorbing and storing the carbon you emit, they have far reaching benefits that extend well beyond that of filtering the air. Sustainably managed forests and urban forestry projects have multiple environmental and socio-economic functions important at the global, national and local scales, and play a vital part in sustainable development.

Every human on the planet has contributed in some way towards the effects of Climate Change. That means every single one of us has a responsibility to contribute towards a solution.

Time to plant a tree, or two...

[ guys, plant trees! the environment becomes healthy & we do too - myoce]

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Photo location : Bogor Palace Garden


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