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On BYJ - Joon-bears

Who doesn't want a Joon-bear ? I guess every Baefan would like one. But they are soo limited and hard to get. Always sold out.....specially those mini Joonbears....oh...they're the cutest ! Thank you so much to POLA for making the cutest gif on the right ! By the way in the new TFS CF, BYJ sings and croons the CF jingle a bit. Baefamily wanted more...and watching it I was jumping up 'n down like this bear. A few months back I made a simple slide-show of BYJ and Joon bears, click here if you'd like to watch it.

Gif by POLA
Slideshow by myoce, photo source : various sites in the internet,credits as labeled.
[oh dear, i tink tat J-bear in't jumpin up 'n don, i musta don sumtin' rong..sniff..sniff].


Hyds said…
aha!!!! You are still awake. oopppps. Would love to possess one of those bears Myoce. ;-)
myoce said…
He too !
Oh, nice new VOD Hyds ^____^
Anonymous said…
myoce, hope this works and ME first time to comment here..hehe!

oh! I am dying to own one of these little Joonbears. I particularly love the little 'damdeok' bear. Help! anyone who can help to purchase for me...I will send the money...please!

thanks, moyce
love, concy
myoce said…
Dearrrrr Concy,

OH !! I'm soo glad you are back !!!

I hope someone will see this comment of yours and be kind enough to help you! I know it will ease the pain of our 'never have seen YJ' syndrome to take care one of that cute little guy...

[Or..the effect is vice versa...we get worse we're determined to go to Korea and see Papa Bear !! ha ha ha..]

A big bunch of love,
bb said…
welcome to the (rather addictive) world of blogging, particularly bae-blogging :p
myoce said…
Dear bb,

This blog keeps getting away from me and showing it's true colors..I can hear it now :
I'm a true bae-blog...I'm a true bae-blog ..I'm..

Addictive?...don't know...I thought every body ran to their computer before doing anything else when they got home

Thank you so much bb :)
Love, myoce
bb said…
hahahaha... i used to do that too, turned on my pc when i got home before doing anything else.

until the piles and piles of newspaper that had gone un-read caught my eye. then i decided to rid the habit of running to the pc the moment i got home.

i'm SLIGHTLY better now.... 'ahem!
myoce said…

your 'ahem is louder than words !

I believe you can blog with your PDA or iPod now....' ahem

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