Bae in TFS CF

On Bae - his face's sold out ! Dear Suehan has translated a short article from Sports Hankook in BYJ's Quilt Freeboard . The news is that ‘BYJ posters’ have gone out quickly.. out of stock ‘For customers who purchase TheFaceShop’ went out of stock right after being disclosed. Domestic and overseas fans are saying, “I want to have it.” 2008.11.11 (Tue) 7:03 am [Reporter Lee Hyunah]...Oh I wonder if I can still get it in Jakarta? The news is for South Korea isn't it? Meanwhile, I'll satisfy myself by looking at these 2 photos of BYJ. wonder they're sold out...

Ok, I think Indonesian BYJ-fans deserve some news of him too...just in case some pass-by this blog. it is, some related news in Bahasa Indonesia :

Bae Yong Joon dikontrak oleh The Face Shop selama 1 tahun.

Apakah anda tahu tentang produk kosmetik The Face Shop ? Pasti anda tahu,banyak yang orang memakai produk kosmetik itu kan? Ngomong-ngomong sampai dengan kemarin yang menjadi bintang iklan The Face Shop adalah Kwon Sang Woo. Tetapi mulai bulan depan Top Star Bae Yong Joon akan menjadi model The Face Shop. Bae Yong Joon telah di kontrak oleh The Face Shop selama 1 tahun. Bulan depan adalah ultah nya The Face Shop yang ke-5 , Bae Yong Joon akan menjadi model pada acara Ultah The Face Shop. Wah kaya nya, kalau Bae Yong Jun jadi model The Face Shop, pasti jadi laris nih.. sampai nunggu bulan depan ya.


[ myoce : ini sudah bulan depan lho !]

Photos : credits as labeled


Hyds said…
It's funny how we put different pictures for the same subject. I like those two also but the youthfulness of the latter is more prominent and eye catching. sigh!!!
myoce said…
I guess it depends on a person's taste..anyway they are all great.
I've got something to post I going over board here? he he

Yep...he looks about 20 years old there...gee how did he do that? ...there's so many "sides" to his face and expressions.
Hyds said…
I think we should all start using the Face Shop products. hehehehe
myoce said…
I'm very sensitive to make up and other chemicals in contact with my skin, specially face. So I guess I'll do some skin test first...rub a little bit on the inside part of my forearm and see.. and feel..[wait an hour or so]

If there's no redness,itchiness, burning feeling or swelling...then it's Ok for me..he he..

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