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There's a lot of tips on black and white photography. And I'd like to share some here with you.
According, the elegance and timelessness of black and white photography ensures its continual popularity. They said that more people are becoming interested in black and white photography for many reasons...

- black and white photography is seen less frequently; hence it is
rare - and for that reason alone it is of interest
- when used "properly," black and white accentuates the depth of the photograph
- black and white heightens emotional content
- black and white photography has a tendency to make photos look more like works of art
- produces a clean, crisp look
- transforms a dingy or overcast look into a striking photo evoking emotion

Since your current or next digital camera may have a black and white setting on it, let's find out how we can make the most of it by learning some black and white photography tips.

Tip no 1 : Transform Dull or Drab scenes into [potential]Works of Art
On a particularly overcast and dreary day, you can take shots in black and white.
When in doubt, take the shot! might turn out fabulous.

Tip no 2 : Emotional Scenes
Very powerful, touching photographs that convey strong emotion often look better in black and white than in color.

Tip no 3 : Relationship Portraits
Probably the most popular use of black and white photography is with a single subject.
One category of subjects that should always be considered is babies and children.

Tip no 4 : Dramatic Cityscapes or Architecture
If a photograph does not have an entire spectrum of different colors, consider viewing it as a black and white photograph.Cityscapes often lack a multitude of colors.

Tip no 5 : Everyday Magic!
A 'No-Big-Deal photo' could be a great one if you do some cropping. By cropping a No-Big-Deal photo, you can create the subject of interest that you want.Cropping is a basic tool in any photo-editing software, and most software packages that come with digital cameras.The magical thing about cropping, is that it's possible to create many unique images from a single source image file. That's magic!

[ Point-To-Remember: Take your camera with you wherever you go because you never know what photo opportunities will exist. ]

Source [with edits by myoce]
Photos : Taken from bb's blog and other baesites.


Hyds said…
Thanks for the tips Myoce.. Sigh!! Couldn't wait for January. I know ..might be lucky this Christmas and would get my first DSLR. Fingers crossed. ;-)
myoce said…
OH Hyds !!! That would be wonderful!
Actually you've read this before, I posted in KOB.

Btw,look at the first pic, Yong Joon already had that 'out of this world' camera since then ! am I right?
Hyds said…
Dear Myoce,
That photo looked like an earlier one , isn't it? I think the Hasselblad is his new addition. The lens he used wasn't a Hasselblad either. Take a look at this site. The black tip is only a lens shade I assumed.
Hyds said…
judging from the look of the lens it's a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM
hahahahaha!!! Did you look at the price?? It's £1,149.99 UK price.. That's a month's wage to some!
myoce said…
You are right !

And the camera looks like one of the EOS series From Canon..

When you commented, I actually was using a magnifying glass to see the brand name in the pic...but it was too small !!
myoce said…
Yep Hyds...the Zoom Lense looks like the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM or it could be the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM they look almost the same.
Do you think the camera is a Canon EOS?

He he BYJ can more than well afford it! [the Hasselblad too he he he] I really admire him on his choice!
Hyds said…
Could be since I read from some sites he used Canon. It's ok Myoce, it's acceptable to only settle for the best. You get what you paid for. ;-)
myoce said…
Yep I agree 100 % >____<

Some say he also used Leica...

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