Dancing with lights

On Discovery - delightful and beautiful ones

Yesterday after coming home from work I had to take Melchan and Chub to the dentist ... Melchan has been suffering till the point where she has a throbbing headache and had to skip school. Her filling is troubling her. Chub always chews his braces....for his two front teeth, which grew funny coz of a persistent baby-tooth that wouldn't budge. I ended up only taking Melchan.

Chub declined at the last moment...when he found out his homework was 40 numbers...and he's only at numero uno !! ha ha ha. On the way back from the dentist we had to get mommy's PDA which she left at her work place. Chub and Melchan have been calling that gadget to help mommy locate it...but since it was 7 km from home ... even batman couldn't hear it.

Following BYJ's habit to always have his camera handy, I had my small Kodak automatic with me. When we hit traffic, I decided to take a picture of the cars and motorcycles in front of us [ I was not driving]. Just as I was snapping the picture, our car hit a pot hole in the road and my arms jiggled. I looked for the delete button to push it...but my eye caught sight of the image that was taken.. Ohhhhh...it's sooo BEAUTIFUL !! Just look at the first image up here...isn't it beautiful? Yep it was not my doing...it was just an accident. So, I thought I'd give it another try..

And another...and another...Oh! the camera was just dancing in my arms....I moved it up and down, sideways and all around...I wiggled and dipped it...zigged it and zagged it..I had so much fun, even Melchan grabbed the camera to try it. But she was a little bit too enthusiastic and ended up taking the darkness. The important thing is to have lots of LIGHTS !! ...I took pictures of car and motorcycle lights, the colorful neon-signs of shops lining both sides of the streets..and the general traffic of last night. I arrived home smiling and satisfied with the discovery. I'm sure I will be dancing with lights again through my camera in the future.

Yong Joon ssi, thank you so much for introducing me to photography !


cyang said…
playing with light...hmm...interesting....got the idea from BYJ too.......
Anonymous said…
Dear myoce,

Those pictures are so beautiful.It's a magic of light,isn't it?

Just like you,I started to take photos only lately inspired by YJ.

I also practiced English pronouciation this morning.It's going to be a productive day.

PLease take care of your kids !

myoce said…
Dear Cyang...
I got the idea of photographing everything and trying out new things from BYJ, but this was an accident.
Only now I see some pro photographers are doing awesome ones though...
myoce said…
Dear Moichan,

Yes...I'm amazed of how far BYJ's influence is on us !

I see you take nice photos also, they are very clear. Oh...English Pronunciations!! My favorite..

Good luck with all your activities, dear Moichan.

See you later, myoce

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