Focusing on Bae

On BYJ - closer to you

Oh, I found this photo of BYJ, I think it was on the making of the Megane Ichiba CF. When I saw it...the cameraman was focusing on YJ, so the picture was just crying out to be cropped ! Which I did. What do you think? Too bad there were a few people in the background, or the cropped result would be nicer. I suppose we could improve it in's beyond me...

Here's the original picture. The image of Yong Joon is very clear, coz they focused on him. And the two person in the background .. well, their image are blurred anyway, so it's better to cut them out of the picture [ that the IMX manager Mr Sohn ...and YJ's stylist ?]. Ok, have a fun time trying out cropping. But don't go overboard and crop everything out...some photos are better left as it is. I suppose YJ is a whiz at cropping and other photography skills.


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