On BYJ - his passion

I'd like to share this awesome video from Maron, in it you can see YJ very preoccupied with his passion for photography. Click here to enjoy the movie. Dear Maron, thank you so very much for making such an awesome video of Yong Joon ssi !

[ Awesome : I think I'm going to work this word to death in talking about creations of baefamily ]. Photo of BYJ taken from baesites from the makings of Untold Scandal


flowerbossa said…
Oh myoce,

I heard about the big earthquake in Indonesia.

Hope you and your family/friends are OK.

Praying for your safety,

myoce said…
Dearest Flowerbossa,

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers, I am so touched.
Yes, it was rather big, but far from us here [I'm in Java Island] so we did not feel it, it was in Sulawesi Island..

Hoping all's well with you and Pallet too.

Much love,
Hyds said…
I'm glad you are ok. I like this post Myoce, I never saw him with his cameras in the past like this one and he's absolutely passionate about it. If not for who he is, you would mistaken him as one of the crew. I think the photobook would be a living proof of his passion in photography. Thank you.
myoce said…
Thanks Hyds. Oh, this is one of my favorites, I discovered it a long time ago. I was so determined to put this in here[blog]...but couldn't coz the format's different. So I daringly installed a video converter program. Then, first I converted the flv VOD to wma [?], the size became 61MB [ it took forever to upload], then I converted it to MPEG [34MB..still long] last I converted it to avi [24MB.. and it got stuck uploading forever at 14MB]GRRRR....

I gave up and put a link to it :(

Glad you enjoyed !

p.s smt's wrong with all the files I converted,windows won't let me open them again coz of a virus threat. I ran the VGA prog through the file but it came out clean, any ideas? sobsob!
Hyds said…
Hi Myoce, did you just turn yourself into a computer programer??? I'm impressed!!!! hehehehehe
myoce said…
Oh No Hyds, far,far from it..
I just succeeded confusing myself ! he he he

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