Art in light and lines

On Shades - the blinds behind the window

On Friday I arrived rather early at the office.
The room was still empty and I had nothing to do yet,
so I looked out the window through the blinds....

...the noon sun was so bright!... Oh I got an Idea ...
I took my camera out of the bag...

... I'll take pictures of the blind and try to be a bit artistic
since the blind looked boring if just shot from the front..

Hmm,I've got to move around...
It's just a matter of squinting and bending
and sometimes getting on top of chairs and things.

Next time I'm early,
maybe I'll take pictures of the filing cabinet he he he.

So,was it worthed? You decide..

Note : I was going to post pictures of clouds, but I think I'll do it after my next-door neighbor :)


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