Watered down pink

On Efforts - maybe next time

Ha ha ha...I've watered down the pink tints in my hair...and in my blog !! Don't think I could keep being pink in the cyber-world or in the real world for a long while. Will have to hunt around for a permanent skin for this blog, though....after trying on three new skins...it's hard to go back to the old one...

Yesterday there was a Chinese New Year Festival Parade in our city. More than 10 groups of Dragon and Lion Dance Troupes from all over Indonesia participated.They closed off the area and thousands thronged the streets to see the parade. I went there after work, intending to take pictures of the beautiful 'Barongsai' in the parade. Well, it was already dusk...the parade had already started when I was still teaching...after asking a police officer on duty about the route of the parade....I started walking [with hundreds of people] towards the place he indicated the Barongsai will be coming to.

Oh...it was a sea of people.....I didn't recognize my city ! I got sidetracked by so many vendors....food, clothes, toys, ornaments....yikes ! I've got to keep focused ! After walking about one Km...we neared the Shrine and I was planning to station my self in a good spot there. No such luck ! There were too many people and it was hard to move around. As I stood there debating with myself whether to go back or not..... I saw more hundreds of people coming my way from the opposite direction !! OH !!! I turned back the way I came and walk fast...as fast as I could in a crowded place, anyway.....and overheard some ladies lamenting about their feet being hurt, very dirty and muddy cos people stepped on them...their shoes and sandals ruined.....OH, that did it.....I didn't want to experience a stampede! Oh my.... as I trudged back the way I came, I saw still more people arriving .......

I went home cold, muddy [it rained]...and empty handed. After cleaning myself up....I drank a mug of tea, had some fried bananas, recounted my experience to the children, talked with some Baefamily online, saw some photos of BYJ.....and got all cheered up ^____^


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