The Praying Mantis

Well... my interest in the rose vanished, with my left hand I bent the branches again to take a shot of the Mantis [with my right hand] began moving here and there ...and I had a hard time snapping the picture. Then it neared my hand and actually began to crawl on it ...I yelped with surprise... jumped and let go of the branch. I suppose I did a little jig....Oh where is it ? I looked around the branches and couldn't find it. It must have gotten thrown out from the branches, so I looked around in the grass below the rose wasn't there....suddenly I became aware of movements on top of my head....O had landed on my head !! Touching my hair...I could feel it...I really panicked, did a big jig....and took a swipe at it !!....

I guess my aim was on target ...cos it fell out off my hair on to the ground......where it began to follow me around...O it angry?...or maybe it thinks I'm a big branch? I was wearing brown pants...I backed off.....I went zig-zaging....and It was still following me.

I began to feel guilty over my actions...after all it was a nice Mantis...and I've put it outside it's could get run over by a car...the rose bushes are near the parking lot.
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