I love my Mom's garden..

I have been blogging about other gardens ... now I think it's time to come back to my Mom's. She's a dedicated gardener......love the garden and plants and all the garden's occupants sooo much, that she is willing to spend all her waking hours in her garden. She is forced out of her garden only to attend to important things...and if it rains cats and dogs.....[drizzles are nothing]...and when she can't see anything any more, cos it's dark. But her love is apparent, when you see the beautiful garden..this is more true for me, now that I'm into photography. In this post there's a number of small garden citizens ...or maybe I should say gardizen? And some of the gardizen's pictures are blurred...so sorry...you'll have to wait till I get a better camera to see clearer and sharper images. Ok, have a nice time in my mom's garden....I did !

Trapped morning dew....

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jaime said…
Wow myoce, I love your pictures! You and Hyds are just wonderful photographers. thanks for bringing me into the world of nature. The beautiful flowers and morning dews make us want to write my art series again!

Thanks also to your mom for creating such a beautiful garden :)

love ... jaime
Anonymous said…
With such beautiful joys
orchids blooming
webs sparkling
little helpers pruning

No wonder you mother enjoys these!
myoce said…
Oh...I love your art series, Jaime !
That's what I ogled first when I began my bae-journey ! I'll be waiting for more :)

Thank you ! I told my mom all the comments here...I'm sure she's feeling warm in her heart now !
Love, myoce
myoce said…
Dear SB-D,

I'm always entranced with your comments...you should've been a Poet ! [ or....are you????!!!!]

Oh I have missed a lot...I usually pass the garden in a hurry cos of mosquitoes and things....

Love to you and JD,

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