Sweet Moon Pan-cakes [Martabak Manis]

Melchan and I went to enroll chub in an academic course , extra lessons for him, as he will be sitting for his Elementary School Final Exams and he will have Entrance exams for Middle School soon. Melchan is already enrolled in the same institution to get her ready for her finals and High School Entrance Exams. It's a tough world out there and competitions are fierce ! So their mom is fighting to give them the best of preparations.

As we stepped into the parking lot...we saw a 'Martabak Manis' vendor [ Martabak Manis are Sweet Pan-cakes , more popularly called 'Martabak Bulan' or Moon Pan-cakes] ... his cart was parked right in front. Ah...this vendor is selling Martabak with the recipe from the island of Bangka . Melchan loves this treat ...and mom also.

We decided to buy two kinds...an 'empty one' for me and a chocolate with cheese for melchan and chub. It's interesting to see him work...first he puts the batter into the pan....[ Oh, see how it looks exactly like a full moon ? ] ..then we all wait...

Once it is ready, he takes out the cake, and puts butter and sugar on the 'empty' kind...and puts butter, sugar, chocolate, cheese and milk for melchan's. On this modern age, you could have any 'filling' you want : finely chopped peanuts, bananas, jellies, sweet corns. The Original filling was only : sugar, chocolate and chopped peanuts.
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