DDOB 28 - BYJ's Charisma


jaime said…
Dear myoce,

I looooove your artwork! So innovative with such a BANG effect! Is this your wallpaper? Thanks for sharing.

Your new blog 'skin' is very pleasant and fresh, the colors complement each other so well, a reflection of the artist herself.
Please take care!

love .. jaime
myoce said…
OH Jaime !! I'm blushing with all your praises...I don't deserve the one for the blog skin as it's already made...all I have to do is coordinate the fonts and colors.

The Baeartwok...I really enjoy making...and if I have time ..I could be too 'into it'...other work will be neglected hehe...and I do use one of my artwork for my wallpaper :)

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