Happy Birthday, be my Valentine always ...

On Husbands - mine, on his B-day, today Feb 14..

Be Happy and God Bless you ! From myoce, melchan and chub

FYI , being born on Valentines Day did not influence my hubby at all, he's still possibly the most unromantic man I've ever met ....so, IF...I said, IF...he remembered to observe Valentines Day at all, he'd probably send me something like this....no doubt from one of chub's discarded B-day cards ha ha ha :

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jaime said…
Hahaha myoce,

So cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Happy Birthday to your husband! What a wonderful day as birthday :) Hehe, is that why you fell in love with him? just kidding :)

love ... jaime
myoce said…
Thanks a lot Jaime ! Says me and hubby too ^^

To answer you, I don't know why I fell for him...as we met in February [once]...saw each other all through March...and our wedding was in April [all consecutive months in the same year !!]...when I opened my eyes again...I was married !!!! ha ha ha...

Happy Valentines !
jaime said…
Hahaha myoce, you have me laughing so hard :) What a fantastic love story! Sounds like it's love at first sight? I am sure you are very happy by reading how you write about your family :)

Tell me, do you always make decision that fast? How long did it take for you to fall for Yong Joon? 5 minutes into Winter Sonata? Thanks for sharing!

love ... jaime
myoce said…
Nope...Jaime...I usually think first, then decide...but maybe it's what we here called 'Jodoh' or fated to be together. And actually it wasn't love at first sight he he he..

As for Yong Joon...I fell for him somewhere in the middle of The Legend....after that there was this frantic collecting of all BYJ's work I could find here....and I watched [in order after TWSSG] DWRL,Papa, Hotelier, then...WLS.
So actually winter Sonata was the last..

But I did watch April Snow online ...which made me have eyestrain :(

love, myoce

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