It was worth the wait !

Oh ! You could imagine me at that time under this gorgeous flaming sky !! It was awesome...not like in this photo, I could see all around me...the glow was beautiful. I felt the like I was in some strange place...not on the street side near my home. The warmth of the crimson and gold sky really stole into my soul....praising The All Mighty. I went home elated, even though previously I was tired from work. What an unforgettable sunset !

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jaime said…
Omigosh, these beautiful sunset photos blow me away. I agree with you, looking at the wonders of nature and remember how much God loves us makes me cry. Thanks myoce for your beautiful blog.

P.S. Love Viva Forever by Spice Girls - hehe one of the few songs I love from them.

love ... jaime
myoce said…
Oh ! Thank you so much Jaime !!
And I'm also thankful to Yong Joon ssi....I wouldn't be this aware of God's creations if I hadn't become a Baefamily.

Yes, my daughter and I also love that song...I like the instrumentals on the intro. But now I've edited the play list...but the song's still there :)

Love, myoce
cyang said… juga sering taksub melihat susunan awan di langit....kadang saat aq lagi di highway jauh di depanku lukisan awan membentuk gunung, jalan yang melayang2 dan bentuk2 menakjubkan merasa sedang menuju negeri di atas awan....romantic mode is on....hehehe.....
myoce said…
Oh...Cyang, just like me..
you know, there were sooo many clouds photos in my camera cos I thought every one of them is beautiful, even when probably other people don't.

Plus the flowers etc...the memory reached more than 900 photos, I had to delete most :(
cyang said…
Ohoh....I think You're in big dilemma choosing the best pics to keep
myoce said…
Yep yep...I'd use up all the space in my PC if I keep them all...have to buy some memories sob sob..

Also..I'm taking more and more pix...sob keeps growing !!

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