A Rose Post

One morning at my neighbor's garden...

I have often talked about my neighbor and her garden here in my blog. Well, she has a number of rose bushes in her garden...and they are all blooming like crazy !! I spent a whole morning there with my camera. For me roses are very hard to shoot...I'm afraid I won't do the beautiful roses justice.

But I couldn't resist taking their pictures.These are not perfect, some of the photos are blurred... but I hope they convey the roses' breath taking beauty to you all.

Since this is still the month of February ... the month where we celebrate love ...I think posting about roses is still relevant. Please enjoy and....err I hope you're not bored cos there's too many roses !

Yong Joon nim is now busy traveling, taking pictures and compiling his travel book to introduce his country to the world. I wonder if he too will take pictures of the beautiful flora of South Korea. We'll just have to be patient to see those books :)
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Anonymous said…
My dear myoce, your photography is getting to be really excellent. When you say blur but I can't see it...haha...to me, the roses are absolutely beautiful esp the hot hot vibrant pink. I can imagine how beautiful a flower garden your neighbour has and poor myoce is drown in it..hehe! I would be too! Luv u, concy
Hyds said…
Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL ROSES Myoce!! ;-) your friend must have such a lovely garden and a great place to relax.
take care.
Love, Hyds
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing beauty. It is never tiresome.

myoce said…
Dear Concy....you are right...I'm drowned in the beauty of it...and had a hard time deciding which to shoot first...I ended up looking and moving like a confused [big]bumbling bumble bee.

Thanks for nice words...wow, I'm more motivated ^^

Have a great time and don't forget some R&R every time :)

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Dear Hyds...yes ! I look through the bars of her fence a lot when she's not at home and I can't get in..just drinking in the beauty...

[I am pathetic, I know !]

My neighbor is a great gardener and.... BTW ...she's a baefan... who has been to ALL the important Bae-spots in S. Korea !!...She and her daughter even went to Hongkong to pose with BYJ's wax statue !!!

[see me going green? ha ha ha]
myoce said…
Dear SB Dragon ...please forgive my lovesick chatter...I will get over it...

A conversation about beauty could lead to BYJ...he he...[naturally !]

Thank you for bearing with us, please enjoy the dragonfly & friend :)

Love to the both of you always,

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