DDOB 26 - The warmth of your back

Damdeok's back must be warm and nice...as Suzini found out..
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cyang said…
oh let me try.....hmm he smells good too....and the song....is absolutely right....viva forever....let me hug him for a little bit longer.....
myoce said…
Ha ha ha...Wake up, Cyang !!

You're hugging the pillow !!! LOL !

Yep, "live forever, for the moment"
specially that moment in your dream :)

Love, myoce
Hyds said…
hehehehe that's cool idea! Hi Myoce and Cyang.. I bet he smell great.. so looking forward to the Bvlgari pour homme I ordered ;-) I would know what he actually smell like. hahahaha I know..it's so cheeky ;-)
Love, Hyds
myoce said…
Oh Hyds, a good idea ! Let me see if they have it here.....ha ha ha...we are shameless !!
Anonymous said…
oh! myoce, cyang (apa kabar! long time no see!!!) & hyds, shame on you girls!! hahahaha! ME TOO! On YJ's back, breathe in, breathe out...smell and feel sooooo good! Slap slap concy, wake up!!!

Seriously, myoce, love love this baeartwork! And the playlist too, great songs - am listening to Cliff Richard now..hehe

Thanks, love concy
myoce said…
Oh dear Concy..!!!

I think you've just tipped the balance ^____^

Yong Joon's gonna FALL ....What with Cyang [lucky her, she got there first !!], Hyds [oh...no.. she's only going to smell the perfume he he] you and me ON HIS BACK !!!!!
Ha ha ha...we'd all better wake up and splash cold water on our faces :)

Phew !...I think I'd better not make this kind of Baeartwork again..


ps. glad you like the playlist !!
Hyds said…
hahahhaha oh we are sooooo funny!!! Anyway I got the bottle.Just wait for the recipient to try it on..For the record,I must admit hubby likes it, that's why I bought it ;-) I wouldn't buy it otherwise hehehehehe T TRUST ME ;-)
Love, Hyds
myoce said…
Oh Oh Oh...what's it like? what's it like??

Tell me please :)

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