Awesome Sunset

Am trying to remember how I took this last set of sunset photographs that evening, cos I was frozen on the spot and gaping and Ohhing and Ahhhing and generally overcame with an indescribable emotion, I kept saying, " Ya Tuhan, cantik sekali ! " [Oh my God, it's so beautiful !] as I followed the sun setting for that day. Oh what a glorious event God had created ! Please enjoy this last set of sunset photos, Oh..I'm glad I've followed Yong Joon ssi's photography hobby. And I really do hope I will be able to capture some sunrises or sunsets comparable to this in the future.

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Hyds said…
WOWWWWWWWW!!!! Those are stunning pictures Myoce!!! You're very lucky to be able to capture it.I agree, nature is unbelieveably awesome much more now that you can capture it in a square frame ;-)
Keep them coming.It's so inspiring.
Love, Hyds
Anonymous said…
Wowwowwow! myoce, this sunset is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Truly, you're getting to be a pro!! haha!

Myoce, long time no post here (sorry..) and I just hope it will come thru...hehe! I've got your advice on my desktop so I do not later, love concy
myoce said…
Hyds...I can't believe it myself !

I do feel lucky , Hyds...cos actually I had got into the car when saw the second scene !! Yep the first one you have seen me posted 2x here ...I stopped the out again and stayed there for 10 more minutes.

Usually I forget this kind of thing, but now I won't cos I've blogged about it :)

Luv, myoce

ps. we're inspiring each other and BYJ is inspiring us he he he
myoce said…
Concy !!!!

Congrats ! your msg got thru ^____^

Thanks a lot...I'm far from Pro, don't have the equipment for it !
I'm sooo happy you're back.
Missed you and Sophie and Byjforever dreadfully :(

Ok catch you later..
LOVE,LOVE, myoce

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