Happy Birthday, Jun Sang !

On remembering Jun Sang - in Winter Sonata

I was told that today, February 18th [in Korea and most Asia]...is Jun Sang's Birthday. On remembering WLS, I think this is something nice to think about.....as we will meet Jun Sang and Yu Jin again in Winter Sonata the Animation.

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Anonymous said…
Hello myoce
Thank you for informing them of the news of yong joon official South Korea it.
Jung San … It is eternal "Lover of the mind".

mincoco410 From Japan
myoce said…
Dear Mincoco410,

How are you? and you are welcome. BYJ in the role of Jun Sang touched and moved me very much.

Have a pleasant time in japan.

Love, myoce
Anonymous said…
Dear myoce, I've been so busy last few days and just read about Jun Sang's birthday. Happy Birthday to Jun Sang!! Thanks and love you always, cu later...concy
myoce said…
It's Ok, Concy,I'm glad you've got a lot of friends there !
Come on by when you're free ^^

Love, myoce

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