I Know...don't tell me...I'm "Tickled Pink"

On Me - and pink

Probably experienced Bloggers are smirking at me...changing my blog skin every few days ! Oh well, I thought Valentines Day is a great excuse for me to use the color PINK...it's been so long since I've done something in pink, buy something in pink...or wear something in pink...so,t oday I thank TCBOTB for my pink skin :)

Talking about the color PINK....err...

I had something rather funny happened to me today. I went to the hairdresser for a facial etc etc... a haircut and toning. My friends have been urging me to tone my hair with reddish or light brown hair color....which I've never done before. Being Asian and being old fashioned...it scared me to go with any hair color other than the one I've been born with : black . So, today I decided to be brave .....and told the hair stylist to put a bit of reddish-brown streaks in ... O dear ...I think the lights were too dim......what I thought to be brown...... turned out to be PINKish-red !!

Me sitting here typing now, with dark PINK streaks in my black hair ....sob...sob....sob..

Thank goodness I teach in the afternoon tomorrow !! I still have time to fix my hair in the morning. There's one person disappointed that I'm putting things right....Chub ! Upon seeing me, he said, " Your hair is cool !! "....I suppose it is...for a punk star!!!

Me going to bed with the PINKS on my head now....G'night ..


Hyds said…
mmmhhhh I am trying to imagine you in that color..must be interesting..I did that as well but I went for auburn which seem to be more of a blondish and wahhhhh I had to dye it again in black so I understand how you feel.. I think if we both went in the salon and did the same thing we would probably ache laughing at ourselves ;-)You must be throughly relaxed now.
Love, hyds
p.s. I prefer this one..pretty in pick ;-)
myoce said…
He he he...Hyds, why did you dyed it back to black? Enjoy it first !

Mine was the color of my playlist [could you imagine], I think she got the color code number wrong ...thank goodness it was only in streaks...not the whole head, I'd be hiding in my room then :(

See ya!

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