SS501 Park Jung Min, denies signing with Sony Music Taiwan


OH, boy !! me almost guilty of making murky waters murkier !!!
From now I'll begin my posts with: I don't know if this is true...but...
LOL LOl LOL...oh the love hate relationship we have with the press...

Those Korean news portals, where did they get the sources ???!!
But strangely Jung Min's Tok-tok message makes me more confused....
He says he'll be coming in to write there
does that mean......

OTOH, Leader said last time that he wouldn't be able to write in tok tok anymore
after June ! and he was telling the truth, he'd already be in Keyeast.
Ok.....I'm officially Jung Min staying in DSP then ????.....
Whaddabout the others..??....never head is dizzy.....sob..
Hold on and believe in them.

One itsy bitsy thought comes to mind...
SS501 is trying the hardest to attain a certain goal !
me hope so....a happy goal..

Repost from ODE'S Blog :


Hello, Jungmin here..^^ @ 2010-07-03, 1:51:49 PM

Annyeonghaseyo? SS501's JungMin here.
Though I have been sending my greetings here often like this, I often wrote it then erased, wrote it then erased...
But in the end I've decided to do away with that thought!!
In this current situation like now, what if my entry causes a huge impact on my members..
I'd thought so like this, but no matter what, if I am to write something at least, it'd be good,
and so I am writing this piece today.

First of all!!
SS501's album promotions this time round has had finally come to a close after Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards.
There were really many people who came to give support.
From Taiwan too, from HongKong too, even from Japan too~, and also from China~~ Our TripleS!!
If the five of us could do a stage together, it would have been really wonderful.. Thought of it like this.
Thank you for having gone down to give support and help~!
(I want to say thank you first.)

Let me begin to start talking with the conclusion,
about the contract issue of us SS501 members,
though of course, there are huge agency companies domestic and foreign waving their hands to us and that's a fact,
but they've all been dismissed.

Also, right at this moment, up until now, I'm not signed on to any agency companies and not leaving for any places,
although there are many invitations coming from everywhere,
I've not had replied to them as of now.

After discussing with our members then I'll give a reply... That will be the circumstance where I'll only give replies.

If I were to sign on to any contract, I will let all of you know officially.
(Before I make any contract signings, all our administration will be done under DSP..!)

Eum...Before this time's promo activities ended, there were many meetings held together, with each of our members, with bosses with managers, many discussions held together.
Though the 5 of us are supposed to discuss more amongst ourselves..!
We did so to the appropriate extend.
The future moves problems have of course doubtlessly became an issue on each of our side,
but for the sake of SS501's future persisting activities and albums, concerts to be done with the name of SS501...
I'm referring to our future activities.
Because to have to be singers who must have events is a no-thankyou..!!

Though I still have much more to write...I'll just write this much first.

Actually I was having some late nap, but then I woke up taken aback...TT TT
I was afraid that members would get shocked too, so I gave them calls, but they didn't pick up~~!
Despite so, we'll still be carrying out meetings nonetheless~ Will see you then~~ though so,
Because there have been many upsetting news..At this kind of time..I'm filled with an apologetic heart very much..TT TT

Ah! Also in future too, I'll still continue to come to our homepage,
you'll see me right here^^
Will continue to leave entries often..!!

If you still don't get it ^^, Jung Min is referring to this :

in Soompi SS501 thread posted by Lee_ah...
so I deleted the two Google trans of the posts in SS601

that I posted awhile ago.

[news] Park Jung Min signs an exclusive contract with Sony Music Taiwan

Park Jungmin of SS501 has signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music Taiwan.

Although, this is just a 3rd party agency in Park Jung Min's part.

Sony Music Korea said on the 3rd, " Park Jung Min has signed with Sony Taiwan, But that has nothing to do with his activities in South Korea. Park Jung Min signing witn Sony Taiwan is just to control his activities and agreements in Taiwan and on releasing an album in Taiwan. Also, Park Jung Min has business in Taiwan such as his shopping mall and such".

Park Jung Min signed with Sony Music Taiwan is just to represent him on his international activities, and it is common for local artists to sign with international labels. Just like how SM Entertainment is being represented by Avex with their artist's activities in Japan.

Although, Park Jung Min has not yet decided on his agency in South Korea. Park Jung Min debuted with SS501 and their contract has expired already earlier this month, Kim Hyun Joong has already signed with KeyEast Entertainment.

DSP Entertainment officials have said their side on this, "There has been a draft of the renewal of contract made on the 29th of June regarding the future of SS501, however the other four member's have not decided yet. Kim Hyung Joon is continuing his DJ activities with SBS Music High, Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Joong with Park Jung Min are taking a break for a while before they will decide".

So far, Park Jung Min has not decided on an agency he will sign with in South Korea. There are possibilities for the four members to renew their contract with DSP Entertainment or to another agency.

The future of SS501 is still yet to be determined.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

OH....Maaal.....almost gave me a heart attack...'s still undecided...
making us POOR...POOR TripleS es....really really worried and sad...sob....
Just have to trust them and believe in them !!

Photo credit as labeled.


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