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06/30 [news] Kim HyunJoong New Company “Gives Full Support to Group Activities”

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Kim HyunJoong new company “gives full support to group activities”
Possible to have ‘separate yet together’ activities even though with different management companies.

“Like Shinhwa... Separate and together?”

Kim HyunJoong has signed a new contract with Key East and focus is on the future of SS501 which he is a member of.

Kim HyunJoong who was the leader of the group, has moved to another management company and it is unclear on the future of SS501, whether they will continue on or disband. Their management company DSP Media said “It has not been decided yet. Park JungMin, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun and Heo YoungSaeng has not re-signed their contract yet, however they will be deciding on their future direction while having a break.”

According to one source, they are searching for a new management company just like Kim HyunJoong, and are troubled over the few other ways. However, even if all the members move to different companies, it seems like it will be highly possible that they keep the group SS501.

Kim HyunJoong’s new management company Key East let out their mind “We will give full support to group activities.” The members also have great affection for the group and their stand is for the group not to disband.

SS501’s representative explained “The members hope that even if they are doing activities under other management companies, they can continue to have album activities as SS501. It is possible for them to have ‘separate yet together’ activities just like Shinhwa, members doing activities separately on their own and doing activities coming back together as a group.”


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My tots......

I guess this makes me feel a bit better, but wouldn't it be great if they were in Keyeast together??..... Sigh....I suppose it's too complicated ...what with 5 members and each with considerations of their and friend's input and advice....not to mention possible continuing hold and influence of DSP.

For Keyeast to take this stance, then Leader did a lot of discussion and negotiation with Yong Joon ssi and Keyeast management to make sure of Keyeast's full support on SS501 activities as a group. I'm touched that he has done this, it would probably be much easier for Leader just to sign himself in with out ensuring future SS501 activities, without thinking of his SS501 brothers...without thinking on the unity of SS501....without thinking how lost TripleS will be with out SS501 [we'd lose our identity !!].

Hyun Joong is a good Leader, a true Leader of SS501....
Let's hope Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon will follow his lead .....will also make wise choices for their future and the future of SS501. I wish Kim Hyun Joong well and I wish SS501 the best for their future, SS501 Fighting.!!!

PS. found out about this video from Soompi......first time I saw HJL talk so much^^....any one know what he's talking about?...I think this was played at the Saitama Persona concert ??

Video from YT by leenongkan1


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