Thinking some more...on BYJ, KHJ & SS

Coincidence ?
Did you know that Bae yong Joon is in LA now?....well...there's info that BYJ flew to LA on the 4th. And it is highly probable that Hyun Joong has been in LA for some time with the 2 DBSK members. So I have been you think BYJ and KHJ will meet in the US ??
....Heaven knows ...

Kiss or not ?
About the film production that has Hyun Joong's name plastered all over ....hmmm, I 'll be happy for KHJ if he really feels it's a great role for him....even though I'm hoping he will get a better offer and a more challenging role.
....but what do I know ?...

KHJ Photobook and TV program ?
Are they exclusively for japan ?....wonder if someone will share ...he he..There will sure to be things we haven't seen before, ne ? Have to consider the state of our pockets, of course

Wanna talk some more, but I'm about to fall asleep on top of my laptop....
CU later..

Here's some vidz instead..

Video from YT by reena29shadow

Video from YT by reena29shadow


pinkymomo said…
hi, nice to read ur blog.

I'm HJ's fans but i wish SS501 will stay together forever!

I just watched this X-concert(with engsub), only i can understand what they talk about. Some TS said that HJ's reaction during x-concert had made them very disappointed. Why? Is it because when other members were crying, he didn't cry?
Tamar1973 said…
There's a more recent announcement on Suehan's blog that BYJ has confirmed he will appear in the Dream High drama. Since Park Jin Young is currently in the USA (at least he was the last time I checked), this could be a business reason for him to go to the USA.

On another note, what if KHJ and/or SS501 are going to be in Dream High, too?
pinkymomo said…
Nice to read your blog.

I’m leader’s fans but I hope SS501 can be grouped together forever!
Because of leader, I learnt to know the others 4 members. I can see they are so much precious to leader and leader is proud to be part of SS501 too.

Have you watch x-concert fanmeeting?
What do think on HJ’s reaction on that night? Anything wrong?
Why some TS feel disappointed on his reaction?
myoce said…
Hi Pinkymomo,

Nice to meet you !
I'll answer both of your comment here, as it's almost the same.
My wish is the same as yours... I wish them to be together, and I am feeling very sad now because of the uncertainties of SS501 future as a group.

As for the X-concert I haven't really watched it carefully.... just saw that Leader seems to be holding back his tears and emotion, maybe because he's afraid he will break down?

I could understand TS's feelings though....
myoce said…
Dear Tamar,

Yes, I've read the news about Dream's about time don't you think ! After waiting this long..sob.

IF...KHJ and SS501 will be in Dream High....WITH BYJ !!!...Tamar, I will die of happiness !! Oh, the unsaid thoughts you have spoken/written ..

Thanks for looking in on me, Tamar ..I think BYJ's name brought you here ^^

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