DDOB 56 - Happy BYJ

Trickles of news about BYJ and JYP's "Dream High" film project are beginning to flow...and we Baefamily are highly anticipating more definite news, specially about BYJ's participation in the film, his role in it and of course...when we will be able to see him !! Yong Joon ssi has been traveling these days, not sure for business or pleasure or both...not sure when and where....but I wish him well.


Original photo taken from BYJ's History


chakachan said…
BYJ was about KHJ age when this photo was taken on his trip to Paris.
myoce said…
Dear Chakachan,

I'm so happy you dropped by and left a comment.

BYJ was so happy and care free then, now he has many responsibilities, which includes introducing and promoting his beloved country to the world.

Hope happiness always finds Yong Joon no matter what his activities are !

Have a wonderful weekend, Chakachan.


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