TS In suspense.....


Are you ??... Well, at least I am.
But life has to go on....
just hope and pray everything will go
the right way for them.
Such a waste if they don't stay together.
Hope they will find "an acceptable for all "
way out after they have their discussion.
If not, there will be a lot of sad,
heavy hearted and lost Triple S es
wondering around....sob...sob.

Browsing around the net
looking for news of SS501,
I stumbled upon these photos of them...
they look like punk rock stars...
maybe in the FIGHTER days...
Leader still looks like a blond angel
and Kyu and Saengie look like Indian warriors.
Baby and Minnie look like models^^


Photo credits as labeled and last.fm.


Anonymous said…
looks like a pic taken from Unlock's MV....ahhh love them so much <3
myoce said…
Hi Anon !

Yep!..now that you mention it..
And I really really do love them miss them too!

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