Flattered, I guess.....

Since knowing about BYJ, I'm always on the look out for news about him...and of course it's the same case for KHJ and SS501. Now Indonesian magazines cover a lot of K-pop and K-drama news.
A few days ago, I was looking around a magazine stand while waiting at a gas station, when I spotted this :


'Course yours truly immediately pounced on it ^^. It was a copy of asian hits, a local Asian infotainment magazine. They covered SS501 pretty comprehensively from page 6 to 29, with 2 pages profiles for each member, news on SS501's recent fan-meet, SS501 5th Anniversary, Hyun Joong's activities and a lot of things related with the Destination Album...and...pictures galore !! [miane, chingus, I don't think I have time to scan the whole thing...]

Aaannnnddd....on page 22 I found an interesting article about SS501's anniversary, with more interesting pictures !!
Here I've added 2 arrows [in green] pointing to 2 pics, pix A and B on that page :


Maybe some of you have read my post HERE
Scroll down until you find this picasa collage that I made :


Now look at the images inside the red boxes [A and B] below
and compare it to the pics on page 22


[In fact, 2 little pics from here appeared again on page 28 ^^]

Whaddaya think ?
Me ??..... flattered, I guess...


annacronism said…
Dear sister Myoce,
This is wonderful! I would be so proud if my pictures of Our Charming Prince were ever posted in a Fanzine like this one. Congratulations, sweetie. I am proud for you. Take care.
P.S. Don't worry about forgetting my comment the other day. At least you did answer back, and that is very much appreciated. A.
myoce said…
Oh Anna....

I did it again with this late reply.
Sometimes I can't find the original post of the comments...sob.

Thanks a lot !

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