Kim Hyun Joong signs with The Face Shop [not confirmed]

[ Just read that this news is not confirmed yet...lets wait for more reliable news..]

Ok, just wanted to let you know this :

It seems Hyun Joong  has signed a contract with The Face Shop. Bae Young Joon is the primary spokesperson for The Face Shop in South Korea ! Oh.... what if they could shoot a CF together !! 

If you want to read about it click here :

I just gotta add to this ...

If it's true, Hyun Joong is in great company here...I mean... I'm not talking about  the TFS company...but I'm talking about his predecessors !! Why, he's in there with the likes of Bae Yong Joon, Kwon Sang Woo, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Go So Young. All big Halyu Stars. So I don't think KE only wants Hyun Joong to follow in Yong Joon's footsteps ....but It's more probable that TFS asked for Hyun Joong [ he's so popular... who doesn't want to have him endorse their brand?? ] I think KE just wants to do the best for Hyun Joong's career. Me just hoping they could space out the activities, so he won't be too tired.

PS. Gee...I've never seen a Tony Moly shop in Indonesia [anyone know where? tell me plzz...], but there are several TFS shops in here [almost all big malls here have it], and I've visited one near my office in Jakarta, and took pix of BYJ's images there ^___^ [click here for my post on it]. Oh ! KHJ fans in the US should be smiling...TFS has outlets there too ! ^^


pinkymomo said…
wow...such a good news to fans! I am one of the user of TFS too :P

Yes, KE is well-organized all project for him. However, as you said, it might be too tired for leader to carry so much activities at once.

Err, well...he's probably gonna loose a few pounds after drama shooting, for sure.
pinkymomo said…
btw, i love "Haruman" very much ^___^
myoce said…
Hi Pinkymomo...

KHJ looks ok and fuller in the face now, but I think he has to take care of his health...soon his schedule will be packed.

I hate seeing him so thin like at the last parts of BOF.

Me love Haruman too...tho my daughter said it's too slow for her ^^...cos my age maybe ^^

nice to see you, pinkymomo !
pinkymomo said…
Hi Myoce

Yes, he looks much healthier than during BOF but still he still look a bit of tired on his face.
Err….. his eyes dark circle still can be seen obviously.
He loose too much during BOF, the root cause was “stress” and lack of sleep.
Hopefully he won’t be like that on this drama.

My daughter is yet to listen to pop song yet. She is just 2 years old…. Haha
However, my son loves “U R MAN”…..
hmm…don’t know why, maybe he loves their dance step?

I love “Haruman” especially in LIVE version because I can see their facial expression.
They sing it so well in live.
Especially during x-concert, the atmosphere was so depressed when they sing it.
I always wondering what was in their mind when they sing it on that moment?
I can’t hold my tears when I watching it.

Wish to see they sing it once again!

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