Making memories...

Sooo....the kiss for Hyun Joong is confirmed ?...
let's see the official announcement from Keyeast later, shall we?

Ok, to continue the previous videos
from YT
uploaded and subbed
by reena29shadow
[thank you soo much !!]

I dare any true Triple S to see these vidz and not cry, everything they did and said that night now makes very much sense, a large and heavy dark cloud just appeared and hung over me...if they really disband, I am seriously thinking of quitting K-pop and K-drama....and maybe this blog...there's so much heartache involved and I'm just to weak for it. Being a Baefan/Baefamily brought so much joy, besides joy, heart-pain too...and now as a Triple S....our hearts are just hurting. Can't say I'm a pure Leader fan , even though I like him best....I do love them as a group, as SS501. Didn't know this "being a fan" business could be so serious and involve hearts.....and it all started as entertainment... :


joongsaengkyuminjoon said…
i love ss501 that's why my heart is broken into pieces right now... i don't want to see them disband... everyday i check the net for any good news... at first i just can't believe that leader has moved to keyeast...thoughts came running in my mind... thoughts like what will happen them... will they still be able to perform together... days has passed since that news came out but there's this still heavy feeling in my heart... watching their mvs, videos has brought tears in my eyes... i miss ss501!!! i believe in ss501!!! i love ss501!!! ss501 forever together!
myoce said…
Hi Joongsaengkyuminjoon !

I feel exactly like you do, I feel sad every time I remember them ...everyday.

So late of me to know them, only since last year....I wish I had known about them sooner :(

Still hoping, though...
SS501 Fighting !!

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