SS501 - Enjoying Their Music

Sure MISS them a lot....what could the SS501 members be doing?....

Being a fan of BYJ, then finding KHJ first before knowing about them [SS501]....I didn't even know what they sound like. After listening to them.... found out I love their voices, their songs and their performances. So now for me it's one their personality and love their music.

I suppose the remedy for missing them is watching them perform, and succumbing to their charm. Ok, for the first video.....which I love so much, SS501 performed their sunbae's song....don't gape too wide seeing them dance's so unbecoming ^^ And don't melt when you see Kyu Jong's smiles, okay ! Leader is just having so much fun dancing on stage.

The title of the show is Ambulance, which I'm sure some of us will need if we ever get to watch their performance LIVE !!...Which reminds me will NOT think about IT now !!

[ To enjoy this vidz the vidz FULL screen , turn off my playlist above and below...and below, so you won't hear several songs in the stop and starts if it's still loading...]

Video from YT by HyunJoonFan

For this second are free to swoon with SS501 and Brian^^.....

Video from YT by HyunJoonFan

Thanks so much, HyunJoonFan !


Xyooj95 said…
awwww;in the videos, tey are soo happy..Brian looks like he can part of the the 2nd video makes me happy b/c they're soo happy!! =D
myoce said…
Hi Xyooj95 !

Brian and SS501 match !! he he...I love these videos because they were happy and having much fun.

Thanks for the comments^^

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