Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun met at GIK

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So, the two Ruis met at The Gorilla In The Kitchen......
They look conventional on the top....but,...
check out the bottom..
their shoes rock ! Kekeke......

Hyun Joong arrives, alighting from the Maybach BYJ usually uses
and accompanied by Mgr Yang...Ooops...I mean CEO Yang .
CEO Yang is a very familiar figure for Baefamily,
as he always accompanies Yong Joon ssi
almost everywhere he goes...since way back then ^^

They're wearing similar outfits...

They look surprised ^^

They exchanged soccer uniforms...ohhh...
one more similarity :)
....they love playing soccer !!

Talking about F4...don't forget the leading lady, ne..
seems Goo Hye Sun beat Hyun Joong to it, hehehe....

She met Oguri Shun earlier this year [Feb?]

at the 20th Yubari International Film Festival in Hokkaido, Japan.

The Japanese F4

The Korean F4

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pinkymomo said…
HJ's new hair cut looks great!
myoce said…

I supose we will see the full force of Hyun Joong's charm in the drama ^^
chakachan said…
Hiya Myoce!!
I am really excited for KHJ. I know that not alot of people were happy with his decision to leave
his former agency and transfer to KeyEast...but I am delighted with his move. Can you believe BYJ and KHJ in the same room? Of all the younger actors around, I believe that KHJ has the most potential to follow BYJ's footsteps..I really like this young man and I love to see him go places.
I like Oguri Shun too!! ha ha ha
so..this meeting of the two wonderful boys..they made me like a 15 year old teenager deciding whom i should ask for my prom date!! dreamy!!

you have a nice weekend too!
thanks for having me!

God bless..Chakachan
myoce said…
Dear Chackachan,

It's a joy to have you here !
So glad to have some Baefamily friends who loves BYJ and KHJ like me.

Yes, I agree with you and I also wish KHJ the best for the future.

Have a wonderful week, dear Chakachan..

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