Lines,Curves & Reflections

Yep! went back to the 'Jungle' and snapped these pics..
this is near the arcade where we played 'Pump It Up'...
y'know the dancing machine...glad I didn't have to play.
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Hyds said…
phew!! I was getting worried that you're offline. Glad you are back. I love the BW photo of the two people..Great you captured the moment Myoce!
Lovely photos..
Love, Hyds
myoce said…
Me getting worried too !
Thanks for liking them, Hyds..

The 2 people you see are my mom [on the right] and Epi[who works at my house- on the left].

I hope nothing else happens...this morning my Fire wall was off [dunno why, so had to take care of that first].'ll be having a great holiday !
Love, myoce

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